Play with Purpose: Rethinking the Way You Approach Your Job

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Natalja Aicardi is a dreamer; irrational, poetic, paradoxical and very very wise…just like a Fairy. She believes in change and transformation and is dedicated to exploring the process of all living things - especially the human body and mind - through the performing and healing arts. Natalja is a theatre creator, reiki healer, teacher, and mother. Valeria Basso was once a square-thinking realist who’d always follow the beaten path because she thought that was the sensible thing to do…all the while longing to take off into the woods to chase wild dreams. Now Valeria is an entrepreneur who’s charting her unique path and a Brand Experience Consultant who helps small business owners embrace the power of their ideas. Together, Natalja and Valeria are CAP: Creators at Play. Their mission is to bring a culture of creative play to individuals, companies and schools, to help them tap into their full potential and expand their opportunities.

What we'll do

Think about your work-life balance. Who says that “work is work” and “play is play” and the two have no business mingling?! It’s time we stopped living inside the limitations that we - and others - have created for us. Get ready to let your creativity loose and take the first steps to developing a daily creative “routine” that gets you pumped to perform your job at the best of your abilities and with maximum satisfaction. Using tools and practices from physical theatre, visual arts, improv, as well as movement-based exercises, we will learn how to boost our creative energy by activating the body and the mind in new ways, to then channel it into our work. In the process, we will discover that these tools are not just available for “artists” but for all those who are willing to “play with purpose”. This workshop will awaken parts of you that have been dormant and you didn’t even know existed. You will start changing how you look at and approach your job – and your life as a whole - on your way to opening the door to a world of possibilities. Who is this class ideal for? - The self-proclaimed “non creatives” - People who used to be creative but have forgotten how - Independent professionals who work alone and struggle with keeping their motivation high, day after day, especially when they are experiencing a slump - People who are in a job that is not fulfilling - Leaders who need to power charge their teams for maximum performance - Business and life coaches looking for creative ways to get their clients motivated - Salespeople - Teachers



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    $40 USD

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    $40 USD

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