Cocktail Party in a Secret West Village Garden!

Come celebrate summer with us in our magical secr...

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Cocktail Party in a Secret West Village Garden!

New York, NY, United States
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3 Hours
Host's Venue
1 - 4 Guest(s)

Come celebrate summer with us in our magical secret garden! This is a great place to enjoy a summer night, beautiful cocktails by Brooklyn Gin and beer by Six Point Brewery. We will have an awesome DJ as well. Make new friends under a summer night sky and discover a new spot that you never knew existed in the heart of the West Village! $20 for unlimited cocktails + beer, music + fun.

$20 per person

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Welcome! Here we feature our in house labels Kisses by Darling and Raquelle, along with some of our favorite accessories. We carry countless other designers in the store, see below for more details. Two levels, one ridiculously awesome + stunning garden, a handful of kind, clever + helpful babes all wrapped up in a classic West Village Townhouse. Owners Donna Baxter and Raquelle Stiefler bring you some of the best local + international designers, + an exclusive house designed label Kisses by Darling (you know you want one). What else can you fit in there? A curated vintage collection that will make you swoon, invitations to events from cocktails in the garden, to live music, to shopping parties, to vaudeville shows. Or simply the pleasure of a relaxed shopping experience that reminds you why boutiques are more fun in the first place. You know what? We think you'd be better off just seeing it for yourself. Come. Say Hi. Or just come. We love new friends.

$20 / Person
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Cocktail Party in a Secret West Village Garden!
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Cocktail Party in a Secret West Village Garden!
By Darling

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