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Inspire Outdoor Fitness - Guests FREE! Workout, have fun, make friends!

Austin, TX , United States

About Your Host

I believe that if we change our thoughts we change our lives! So we focus on thinking positive, to create sustainable healthy lifestyles. I'm always open to suggestions so if there is anything you think I can do better, or any fun games I can implement let me know!

What we'll do

This is a fun workout group, located at beautiful Muller Lake Park! We run, do creative outdoor workouts, and play fun games to be healthy and fit! We also practice public speaking as well, and sharing ideas. Some fun activities that we do include: Relay Races -- Builds teamwork, and is a bunch of fun! CTF -- Creative rules where if you get tagged, you do 10 squats. Exercises include: Runners Lunges -- Increases leg strength, and cardiovascular ability. Jump Squats ("Burpees") -- Great workout! It worksout your entire body. Calisthenic Execises -- Including but not limited to dips, pull-ups, incline push-ups. Speaking Activities: Tautogram Game - One word, but same letter game Share interesting stories! (Who needs Toastmasters?) We personalize our workouts around your goals, let me know what your fitness goal is and I'll work with you to achieve it! All ages and abilities are welcome! Newcomers can come FREE! Afterwards, it's only $10 a class with discounts if you bring a group! You can bring your friends and family FREE!



for Inspire Outdoor Fitness - Guests FREE! Workout, have fun, make friends!

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