Join us for Paintball in Business Suit

Will you paintball like a Boss?

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Join us for Paintball in Business Suit

Bellflower, CA, United States
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4 Hours
Host's Venue
1 - 30 Guest(s)
English, Chinese

Will you paintball like a Boss? Ladies and Gentlemen, we've reached the end of 2015. And with the Final Countdown approaching, what's a classier memento to bid "good tidings" than to dress up in classy corporate clothing and tag your friends in a fury of paint? Come December 12th and join Agent Adrian Quihuis (IG @AdrianQuihuis) as he gears up in a gray suit, white shirt and black tie for the Los Angeles paintball showdown to end all showdowns. Bring your SpyKids, Reservoir Dogs, and Femme Fatales or adjust your tie as one badass Bond as we sprawl across a Hollywood-themed arena from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Complimentary food and drinks will be provided for all operatives. Dress to kill and sync your watches for a thirty minutes for a safety debriefing. The location is 20 minutes south of downtown LA and will be revealed with $40 payment made. With that payment, you will be given your gun, mask and 500 rounds of ammo to use for the event. (We do have jumpsuits available for the born-just-yesterday Bourne identities.) WARNING: Unless you're a 007, your suit will be ruined by paint. So don't be a Johnny English and abandon your Mission: Impossible! Get smart and let us show you a few things in your suit and tie on December 12th, Saturday, from 10 am - 4 pm. Message for more information.

$40 per person

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Recently moved to Los Angeles. Graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder. Originally from Hong Kong and able to speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

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Join us for Paintball in Business Suit
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Join us for Paintball in Business Suit
By Kelly

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