Room Escape: Sunburn. Solve the puzzle before time runs out

<b>THE ESCAPE </b>

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Room Escape: Sunburn. Solve the puzzle before time runs out

Evanston, IL, United States
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1 Hour
Host's Venue
1 - 8 Guest(s)

THE ESCAPE You've finally located the fabled Sun Treasure, but there's a hitch: it's protected in a crystal tomb bombarded with constant sunlight, and all that glass and light make the inside of the chamber heat up like a rice cooker, incinerating anyone and anything inside. Except on today, when a rare millennial solar eclipse will block out the sun for a single hour. You've planned, you've prepared, and you've made it to the chamber just in time for the start of the eclipse, but do you and your friends have what it takes to solve the light puzzles of the chamber and grab the treasure before the eclipse is over? Challengers will have one hour to beat the room using only their teamwork (you and up to 7 other people), brainpower, and the resources given to them, or fail and have their picture put up on the "Wall of Valiant Efforts". WHAT IS A ROOM ESCAPE? For those who aren't familiar, an Escape Room is a space that has been decorated, designed, and decked out with a theme and puzzles that you and a group of friends will have an hour to solve. Traditionally, the end-goal of an Escape Room is to, as the name suggests, Escape the Room by solving the puzzles and unlocking the front door. However, unlike other Escape Rooms, you won't be locked into a room at Lock Chicago--you will be given alternate end-goals for each challenge, so really we're a Challenge Room adventure rather than an Escape Room. PRIVATE AND PUBLIC BOOKINGS We offer both private and public bookings. A public booking puts you into a room where you might interact with guests you may not have met yet to solve the puzzles. A private room guarantees the room exclusively to you and your group. If you'd like to join a public room, there is no minimum ticket purchase amount. Buy at least 1 ticket, give us a time and we'll set you up! If you'd like to reserve a private room, you need to purchase at least 4 tickets even if there are less than 4 of you participating (and they need to be bought in one order). Everyone in the room still needs a ticket, so if there are 5 of you you will need 5 tickets, but the room will be guaranteed yours! IMPORTANT INFORMATION We do ask that you order your ticket at least 12 HOURS PRIOR to that show time. *Please note that the available dates listed are tentative. If the date you've selected is available, you will be signed up and your spot will be reserved (two confirmations will be emailed to you - one from Verlocal and another from our website). If it isn't, you may be contacted to choose another date! CANCELLATION POLICY We do not offer refunds, but you may change the date and time of your reservation if you contact us at least seven days before your scheduled time. It is very important for guests to arrive 15 minutes before the start of their reservation as there is necessary prep time, so please plan accordingly, especially if you are driving. Please also try to arrive no more than 20 minutes early, as you might run into guests who are leaving the space (and we don't want them to accidentally spoil something for you!)

$33 per person

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We here at Lock Chicago pride ourselves on providing challenges and scenarios that keep end-goals, strategies, and puzzles as different as they can be from room to room. We're huge fans of logic and puzzles games, but we also strive to provide unique experiences for our guests. We try our best to give you an adventure outside of the norm and let you interact with elements and physical puzzles you may not otherwise get a chance to try, and as we develop and create more and more rooms, putting that gusto for new experiences into each new design we provide, we do so with no one else but you in mind.

$33 / Person
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Room Escape: Sunburn. Solve the puzzle before time runs out
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Lock Chicago
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Room Escape: Sunburn. Solve the puzzle before time runs out
By Lock Chicago

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