Fight a Deadly Supervirus in Portland!

Portland, OR , United States

About Your Host

MetroDemic was developed for people who are looking for interesting new ways to explore and interact with the city. Downtown areas are amazing! From the obvious items like art, statues, history, and architecture to the seemingly mundane like utilities and signs, we hope that our game helps you to discover things you never would have noticed on a typical drive-by. In the MetroDemic game, you will compete with other local teams to save the most lives from a deadly epidemic. Armed only with your wits and your smartphone, you'll have to locate "outbreak" sites and answer pub-style trivia in an effort to help our inept team of scientists.

What we'll do

Compete with other locals to save Stumptown from a deadly supervirus that is gripping the city! In the game MetroDemic, you'll partner up with 2-4 friends to explore downtown Portland on foot and discover interesting local sites. Each site you find is an outbreak where innocent lives can be saved by answering quirky trivia and location-specific clues. A team of (incompetent) scientists will feed a map and clues to your smartphone as the story unfolds. The city needs you!



for Fight a Deadly Supervirus in Portland!

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    $35 USD

    per person


    $35 USD

    per person