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Indian Spice Tour and Hands-on Cooking Class

What you'll learn in this indian cooking class: If you’ve ever wondered where to get the best Indian spices in Brooklyn, then wonder no more. Join us for our H...

Indian Spice Tour and Hands-on Cooking Class
Brooklyn, NY, United States
5 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

What you'll learn in this indian cooking class: If you’ve ever wondered where to get the best Indian spices in Brooklyn, then wonder no more. Join us for our Half-day Indian Spice Tour. During this half day class we’ll walk to nearby Bangladeshi and Pakistani stores along Coney Island, McDonald and Church Avenues. After shopping for our ingredients, with me (Mukti) as your guide, we will return to my kitchen to prepare a wonderful meal for us to enjoy as we relax and talk about our adventure. After we cook our meal, we'll sit down and eat together, and savor the dinner as well as the spices. You'll know so much better about the qualities, quantities, and various attributes of the spices that you now can use in your own cooking. And feel happy and comfortable about it. Throughout history, spices hold an important value in Indian cuisine. It is one of the most wonderful groups of ingredients ever given to any cooks. Anyone can use spices to cook any kind of dish, but not everyone knows how to use it to its fullest potential. Walking down the spice aisle, there a lot of powdered spices from all types of brand ranging from expensive to cheap. We might assume that maybe the one that costs the most is the best. However, the best powdered spices are the ones that we grind ourselves. In our Indian Spice Tour, we will be visiting Bangladeshi and Pakistani stores near my kitchen where you will learn how to pick out the best spices for a good price. In this spice tour with me, I will teach you everything you need to know about spices, and you will then become a spice expert. After our spice trip and knowing more about spices, we will go back to my kitchen where everything you just learn will be put to use. We will begin with grinding spices into powdered form, and from there you will be able to smell the differences between store- bought and homemade spices. Then we will proceed to cook a few dishes using the spices you just ground, because freshly-ground spices bring the most flavor out of each dish. At the end of my class, we will sit down and enjoy the food we just made. After this spice tour and cooking class, not only will you know how to cook Indian food, but you will also realize that grinding the spices at home makes every dishes more flavorful and that it is also cost-efficient. Note: There's a minimum of three students for the class to run. If the minimum is not met, Mukti will personally reach out to reschedule via phone or email.

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I grew up in Calcutta, India and learned to cook from my mother and aunt. In 1986, I moved to the U.S. with my husband Partha to work as a biologist. In 2006, I retired from the nine-to-five routine so that I could work full-time on my dream – bringing the flavors and the benefits of Indian cooking to all New Yorkers. My family and friends have been telling me for years that my cooking is so good that I should let others try it too. Two years ago I decided they were right, and Mukti’s Kitchen was born. Mukti’s Kitchen offers cooking classes, lecture-demonstrations and catering services. I focus on Indian food, Indian cooking and healthy eating. I use authentic, modern Indian techniques, with adjustments for American kitchens and any dietary restrictions. Come to Mukti’s Kitchen to learn how to cook an entire meal or just one special dish. Let me teach you the basics of healthy Indian-style cooking, from the names and special characteristics of Indian spices, to the secrets that will give you the best flavor. And, if you’d love to serve a special Indian meal to your family or friends but don’t feel ready to cook it yourself, I’ll cater it for you!
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Indian Spice Tour and Hands-on Cooking Class
Hosted by Mukti Banerjee
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