Guidelines to becoming a World-Class Entrepreneur

Phoenix, AZ , United States

About Your Host

My name is Moni M. I'm a 22 year old young entrepreneur here In Phoenix, Arizona. For over two years, I have been studying professional and entrepreneurial business habits, compiling mountains of data and research, and fully immersing myself in what it takes to become the next world-class entrepreneur. My professional goals are not only to become a successful business owner and motivational speaker but to become the role model for the idea that each person is the master of their own destiny. After years of research, experience and self-reflection, I created the concept for my ENTREPRENEUR BUSINESS MEET-UPS. These events will establish an atmosphere of learning, self-discipline and personal growth, which empower each person to understand what their career goals are and how to get it. If I can give only one piece of advice, it would be this, "With personal drive and a goal, success is possible; with a plan and with action, success is envitable. "

What we'll do

Through-out the two hour course, each student will learn the art of Entrepreneurial habits and create a personalized career action plan that will empower each student to unleash their full potential. We will create a plan that show each student how to live the life they love and want. With "Faith in Action", any goal is obtainable and success is just a matter of self-determination. What you will receive through-out this course: - Training concepts which will shorten the learning curve required to learn a new skill - Face-to-Face business consultation to understand each student's career goals and develop a pathway for success - Introductory business strategies and marketing concepts - Conduct practical exercises which will focus on: networking, communication, critical thinking and self-discipline - Offering a comfortable networking space to build strategic relationship with like minded professionals in the Phoenix area. If you want to become the best, you need to learn from the best. I will teach you everything I know. All my success, my failures, my hope and dreams. My purpose is to give you the tools and the strategies to achieve your goals.



for Guidelines to becoming a World-Class Entrepreneur

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    $80 USD

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