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Alexia Cornu is an entrepreneur from France who moved to the Bay Area in 2014. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Sciences in 2009, and she started her personal training company. She provided customized sport training plans (beginner to elite athlete), she provided focused sessions to executives, set up sports events (private, group, team building) and organized fitness retreats.

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WHAT IS POWER HIKING™ Power Hiking™ is an outdoor activity equivalent to Nordic Walking in Europe. This sport involves accelerated hiking with specially designed sticks, usually made ​​of carbon fiber. This Scandinavian sport, extremely popular in Europe, is a cross country skiing derivative. WHY POWER HIKING™? Physical and mental wellness: Tones the whole body muscle chains from shoulders, chest, abs, arms, back, thighs to legs! Power Hiking uses 80% of the muscle chains. Strengthening the immune system, improves breathing, blood circulation, and pulmonary amplitude. It also helps prevent diabetes and osteoporosis. Rehabilitation: it is a great alternative to physical therapy after injuries. It is a complete and balanced workout that can be enjoyed at any age, and is a good antidote for inactivity and stress. Losing weight and body sculpting. Reconnect with nature, allows you to discover new parks and nature's beauty. A social activity, it bringing the group together and has a relational benefit. BENEFIT OF POWER HIKING™: Power Hiking™ helps to burn around 400 calories per hour as opposed to 280 calories for normal walking. It's 40 to 50% more efficient than hiking. It's easier than jogging and loads on joints, back, knees, ankles and feet are much less. A session usually consists of a warm-up, one to two hours of walking, and finishing with stretching. Power Hiking™ is a perfect mix between effective endurance sport and a leisure outdoor activity.



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    $15 USD

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    $15 USD

    per person