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Learn To Race A Rally Car - Half Day Clinic

Clutch in, first gear, and let the tires spin as you take the wheel of a rally car and learn what makes rally racers the most talented drivers on the planet. O...

Learn To Race A Rally Car - Half Day Clinic
Dale, TX, United States
4 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

Clutch in, first gear, and let the tires spin as you take the wheel of a rally car and learn what makes rally racers the most talented drivers on the planet. Our team of instructors will take you from novice to bona-fide racer in just 4 hours on our custom-built rally racing tracks. Our programs are friendly for novices and professionals alike as our curriculum is tailored to your experience. So even if you've never seen a clutch pedal before, there's need to fear. The Rally Ranch has a variety of tracks for every skill level. Our beginner tracks are wide open and free of obstacles so you can push the limit, spin the car, and find your comfort zone without damaging the car or yourself, while our advanced tracks feature crests, jumps, and winding forest roads that will test even the most experienced veteran racers. So come see us today to find out what makes rally racing the purest, most exciting form of racing in the world and find out how easy it is to become Rally Ready.

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For all of its open spaces, wide-open beauty and rich, diverse history, Texas has always lacked one thing: world class gravel roads. And as such, rally racing has struggled to find a home in Texas. Infatuated with the sport, Rally Ready founder Dave Carapetyan traveled the country starting in 2004 competing in rallies and learning what makes rally racing the most incredible sport on the planet. Each time the team would come home from a race, there was a collective yearning for a homegrown rally track here in Texas. So we decided to build it. Our first classes were in Spring of 2012, but it wasn't until June 2015 that Rally Ready moved into our permanent home, the Rally Ranch. On 140 acres just 15 minutes east of Circuit of the Americas, the Rally Ranch is home to rally racing in Texas. With everything from wide open ranch pastures for consequence-free beginner lessons to narrow tree-lined rally stages with jumps, crests and blind corners, the Rally Ranch offers a sampling of world class terrain built specifically for the rally enthusiast. Grade, blade, rake, pack, roll, RALLY, repeat. We care for our dirt like a farmer, because like a farmer, our dirt is our livelihood. In order for you to have the perfect rally school, we must have the perfect dirt. Unlike a paved racetrack, which requires maintenance every few thousand laps or so, a rally track requires constant upkeep. The dirt, gravel, sand and mud ends up sprayed 50 feet from the track or often stuck to the bottom of the car. And to keep your lungs working, we run our water truck constantly for dust mitigation to make sure you go home with ample breath!
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Learn To Race A Rally Car - Half Day Clinic
Hosted by Rally Ready
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