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About Your Host

We here at Laser Tag Live have been leading the industry of laser tag in great northwest and beyond since 2006. We are known for setting the highest quality standards when it comes to customer service, equipment, and experience. Give us a chance and we will show you how we can take the battle out of the planning and put it into the fun. Before we opened our doors in 2006 we decided that the only thing cheap in our company would be the prices. Which is why we took our time and searched around the world for the best laser tag equipment money can buy. That is why unlike most other laser tag companies, we can play anytime and anywhere, no matter the conditions. We have played in the darkest warehouses, to bright sunny fields outside, and trust us when we say this stuff can handle anything the players can. With the company being the brain child of Joshua Guidry, who has spent most of his carreer working with underprivileged youth, we made it our goal to make laser tag affordable for anyone and everyone. Not only do we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, we have decided to give back to our communities in a much needed way. Instead of owning a building and collecting all the revenue, we give it back to the people by renting local community centers, churches and other pro-community organizations.

What we'll do

Laser Tag Live in Woodland Park. Anyone and everyone can play laser tag, especially those that generally get left out of physical activities such as people who are physically and mentally challenged. No matter what you believe or what people have told you in the past... YOU CAN PLAY! Laser Tag Live is the only place where the workaholics can come out from behind the computer, TV, or work desk and actually participate, or where the church secretary jokes around that she learned the only way to get the head pastor to respond to her in a timely manner is by talking about booking Laser Tag Live. Great equipment is only half the battle when it comes to creating the funnest laser tag experience possible. Our gaming style is what sets us apart from any other gaming company out there. Through 1000's of hours of gaming on the field and listen and learning from our gamers we have developed some of the funnest games you will be talking about long after the battle is over. Here is a list of our most common games we play.... TEAM FREE FOR ALL: We split the group into 2-4 teams and give each a respawn box to place on their side of the field. Your goal is to tag gamers on the other, stay inbounds and get to know your gear. When you get tagged out head back to your repawn box before the timer expires and get back into the game runs for 10 to 12 min and is finished when the ref calls the round or your tagger says "Game Over". We usually don't score this style round as its more of a warm up, have fun and just tag to your hearts desires. TEAM ELEMINATION: Each teams goal is to be the last group alive at the end of the round. Each gamer is give a set number of life's which means they can be tagged several times before they will be "Game Over". As gamers are eliminated they will head to a graveyard to wait and see which teams survives! Remember tagged out gamers tell no tails, so no giving away the other teams opposition on your way to the grave yard. The game will run from 10 to 15 min and if we have more then one team standing at the end the win will go to the team with more total lives left. TERMINIATOR: One or two gamers are designated the Terminators for the game. The Terminators have a much heath as the entire team they are facing as well as a high compasstiy, fully automatic tagger that deals double the damage. All other gamers make up the "Resistance" whose goal is to take out the terminators at all costs and live to fight another day! The game is over when one team is totally eliminated. We can even have our staff play the terminator so you and your friends can fight together, good luck cuz we here at Laser Tag Live don't lose easily. ALL VS ALL: Its a no hold bar match that puts you in the middle of the battlefield all by yourself. Also know as "Last Person Standing", "Hungers Games" or "Lone Wolf" the idea is all the same. Your goal... be the last person alive! Be careful if you make an alliance as there's nothing worse then getting tagged in the back by your buddy. MUSKETS: Is one of our most popular games we play and the most requested by gamers. You tagger has 1 shot you can fire before you have to reload, which takes 30 seconds! This is a game all about strategy and a bit of luck as nothing is more challenging then being vulnerable for 30 seconds with the other team just on the other end of your barrel. And many more! This is a game for you and 9 other friends!



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