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Presidential Debate on the Big Screen at Pub Montlake

Seattle, WA , United States

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Monday, September 26 6pm You know what they say--Don't watch debates alone. And we agree. Pub Montlake is your new Debate Location, where you can watch all matters presidential, and laugh (or cringe) over food and drinks with friends and neighbors. What to expect? Will there be a brawl? Be ready to keep track of the results of the debate with The Ballot, a set of red and blue shots (non-alcoholic shots available!). Our focus in the debates is YOU and YOUR OPINION, not on which candidate is preferred. We ask that the discourse in the pub be civil, but if a brawl breaks out--please post it on Instagram with lots of hashtags. Right Wings vs. Left Wings The full menu will be offered but our focus is on Right Wings and Left Wings. Try our signature red and blue sauces and make your voice heard! At the end of the night we'll tally up the totals to see if more Right or Left Wings were ordered. If the Right Wings win, Pub Montlake will make a donation to the local King County Republican Party. If the Left Wings win, we'll make a donation to the local Democrat Party. In the event of a tie, we'll make a donation to the local Libertarian Party. Get strategic with your Wings! (Probably our new T-shirt slogan) The Debate is covering three main topics: America's Direction Achieving Prosperity Securing America You're invited to have your own opinions and ideas about the direction of America, how to achieve prosperity, and how to keep America as secure as a Yahoo account (too soon?). Can my kids come to this? It's a free country--of course they can! Our typical kid's fun will be available, and we love to see the young ones sharing their wise political insights. Our drinking games don't encourage drinking--they encourage free thought and discussion, and come in non-alcoholic sparkling juice flavors, too! Anything else I should be prepared for? Yes. We will be opening the floor for nominations for our new Pub Montlake Mayor. Voting to take place on November 8. This is a one year term position. Requirements to run for Mayor: must be a Montlake resident or attend/work at a Montlake school must have eaten at Pub Montlake at least once before nominated must be able to name and describe 3 items on the Pub Montlake menu Responsibilities of Pub Montlake Mayor: design a drink to be named after you or your excellent contribution to the community create a caption for one of our posters shake hands and give out autographs follow the will of the people



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