Learn to be a Tarot reader

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

Hello everyone. How are you??:). I am an insightful spiritual guide here to help teach you about the tools I use to answer life's questions. I use Tarot cards, Oracle cards and birth charts. I am accepting of all religious beliefs or lack thereof. You can learn these gifts too. All are welcome.

What we'll do

I am a spiritual advisor who teaches how to read the Tarot cards. Learn how to use the Tarot cards to read about past present, and future and answer any questions. I teach you various spreads you can use to answer questions. You can give a general reading using the Celtic Cross spread, or do a three card spread for a specific question. Learn the art of Tarot so you can give readings regarding love, friend, family, money, work, health and career. I also will teach you detailed meanings of each Tarot card, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Not only do i teach classes to read Tarot cards, but will teach you to read Oracle cards that send you a direct message to each question with my Oracle Goddess Deck. I also teach astrology classes so you can learn to read birth charts and learn more about your personality. Know all the answers for a personal session with a client, or be the star of any party. I am accepting of all religious beliefs or lack thereof. All are welcome.



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    $50 USD

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