Free Class: Have Fun Doing IMPROV!

San Francisco, CA , United States

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The Magnetic Mission: To develop engaging and influential leaders around the world, and to provide them with the communication tools they need to influence people and change their world. We do this by breaking down the barriers, misconceptions, and fears that prevent people from being fully expressive.

What we'll do

The Best Improv classes in San Francisco • Free for new participants. • All classes are designed to improve your creativity and communication skills. • Designed to Get You Faster, Funnier, & Smarter on Your Feet. The only San Francisco Improv Training that is fun, interactive, and tailored towards improving professionals communication skills! Magnetic Speaking is a San Francisco Based public speaking company built to help corporate professionals improve their public speaking skills and confidence. We use acting, improv, and accelerated learning technology to help you develop your skills fast.



for Free Class: Have Fun Doing IMPROV!

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