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Tipsy Chocolates Beacon Hill Tour

Boston, MA , United States

About Your Host

An obsessed chocolate lover, I want to share my passion with you! A chance encounter with a chili-infused chocolate kicked off what has now been over a decade of searching the globe for the best and most unique chocolates. My chocolate career began when I offered private chocolate tours in New York City, taking people to some of the best chocolate shops in Tribeca, SoHo and Union Square. I continued leading tours in Boston's Back Bay when I moved here in 2010. Ready to plunge further into the chocolate world, I studied the art of chocolate making through Ecole Chocolate in 2016 and currently work for gâté comme des filles in Somerville. Now the founder of Tipsy Chocolates, I offer a number of chocolate-related services for those who are obsessed, just like me! I want you to have an incredible time, taste some of the best chocolates out there or make some tipsy chocolates yourself! Find me at Instagram: @tipsychocolates Facebook: Tipsy Chocolates

What we'll do

Enjoy a 2-hour chocolate and wine tour through Boston's historic Beacon Hill. Walk the chocolate trail with us and learn about this history of chocolate and the prominent Bostonians who made and sold chocolate from as early as the 17th century. Learn to taste and pair wine and chocolate at our final destination, while relaxing with your friends. What's included on the tour? 2-hr guided walking tour by a chocolate ambassador Boozy-inspired chocolate samples at 4-5 locations Wine + chocolate pairing with single-origin chocolates and amazing wines. At the end of the tour, you’ll have a greater understanding of the production process for chocolate, how single-origin craft chocolate varies, and a few chocolate facts to share at parties! Cash tips encouraged for your chocolate ambassadors at the end of the tour.



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    $74 USD

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    $74 USD

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