Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Created in 1994, the craft month was initiated by the Craft & Hobby Association with the aim of bringing the joy of crafting back into our lives! While you do not need a special occasion to start crafting, it’s only fitting if we take this opportunity to spotlight our favourite quotes by crafters of Verlocal, and to inspire you to get hands-on to work on your next creative project. Whether you want to learn a new craft or looking to revisit a hobby that you love, there’s no better time besides now to start creating in this month dedicated to all things crafty!

1. “Teaching leathercraft classes out of my studio allows me to share my love of the craft, my knowledge of the process and history, and my original techniques for adding pattern and color.” – Caitlin

2. “When I get to see the fire or sparkle in a person’s eyes – that’s when I know they have found the confidence in the moment, and I always hope it stays with them as a moment they can reference for future adventures in art.” – Destiny

3. “Art is the foundation of a culture. Ancient civilizations are discovered through the art and artifacts left behind. I like to think that while my students are learning to draw and paint, I’m creating artists for our present and future culture.” – Linda Wehrli

4. “Calligraphic is life itself. When the brushes hit the paper, it’s birth. After the brush left the paper, it’s death. It lives in the moment. My brushes are my roots … pushing their way out of the darkness and into the light.” – June Li

5. “I love watching that fear dissolves after they light the torch for the first time and seeing them become empowered and inspired by the new skills they acquire in our classes.” – Courtney Gray

6. “So often we put our passions on hold to get our obligations in order, but those obligations don’t stop so you never really pay attention to the creative side of yourself. If you are creative, you must find a way to create in order to be truly happy.” – Bernadette Kemper

7. “I remember what it felt like for me to be awkward, to make mistakes, but also the satisfaction of learning challenging new things. I learned to knit and crochet from a friend who taught me with infinite patience, kindness, and positivity, and I teach my students in the same way.” – Elizabeth

8. “My favorite moment as a teacher is to watch a student have an “aha” moment, knowing that I helped them to discover a skill or a technique that further unlocks their creative potential.” – Scott

9. “Like what I told one of my Verlocal students who wants to pursue this form of art on her own, you have to keep at it. Learn from the mistakes, take the risks and keep making more art. Take what you have learned and make it your own.” – Jayashree

10. “Clay is truly ubiquitous, self-contained and self-driven. Having once touched it, having once worked with it, I could not stop. I am still amazed by the endless transformations I can achieve with this medium.” – Natasha

11. “Do what you love, but let it love you back. What I mean is, pursue your passion, be creative, take risks, love what you do.” – Dylan Uscher

12. “The next level of “creative-crack” was developed when I learned metalsmithing and jewelry fabrication. That was my Aha! Moment. I finally discovered the skills that intensely engaged my brain and hands. I was hooked!” – Christy Sears

13. “Having a creative community is an essential ingredient for me…It’s been such a treat to connect to bond with other inspiring people and to witness friendships bloom over calligraphy.” – Sarah Ward

14. “It feels like life. It feels like letting go of something and holding onto something at the same time.” – Jessica Williams


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