Let’s do this together as one Verlocal family! It’s time to not just give thanks through presents but also through gifting them a chance to fulfill their passions. That feeling that you get when you’ve helped someone discover and pursue their passion is so rewarding. We even have stories from our users to prove it.

Our entire marketing campaign will focus on the theme of #givepassion.

Starting from Sunday (11/20) to Thursday (11/24), we will be calling on people to #givepassion to someone they know.

Sunday – #givepassion to a #friend
Monday – #givepassion to a #familymember
Tuesday – #givepassion to a #significantother
Wednesday – #givepassion to #myself
Thursday – A roundup of all the #givepassion stories and announcing of our winners

We will be creating two content pieces that will be distributed across all of our social media channels each day. One could be an image featuring our #givepassion hashtag and another could be a post featuring a story from one of our users or hosts, who has gifted passion to someone through Verlocal.

Here is an example of the first kind of content:

Description on the post – Nothing says thanks better than telling someone “I want to help you fulfill your passion.” Tag a family member right now and #givepassion. We will sponsor a winner and one of their family members to go on a Verlocal experience for free! 


Here is an example of a story describing the joy of gifting passion through Verlocal experiences:

“I purchased this experience for my 15-year-old granddaughter who thinks she might like to grow up to be a welder. She thoroughly enjoyed the time with Ryan and he is an excellent teacher. He explained things carefully and thoroughly, praised her efforts while also pointing out how she could improve on the next weld. Both her father and I enjoyed watching her become familiar with a new skill which she might need to employ in her Automotive class in high school later on.” – Paula


Sunday (11/20) to Thursday (11/24)

When you buy an experience as a gift, you will get:
$10 worth of cash points for every $50 spent 

Black Friday (11/25)

Limited deal, first-come-first-serve 50% Off!
30% off after deal runs out till Sunday. 


Here’s how you can best tap into this campaign:

  1. Join our Verlocal Host Facebook Group right now! All of our social media promotion posts and links will be posted there.
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/verlocalhost/
  2. Choose a listing of yours that best fits the theme of gifting passion and tell us why people should gift it. It could be featured in our new email newsletter. Submit the listing here: tinyurl.com/givepassion

    Learn How to Weld Workshop Taught in Ryan’s Studio – “A father brought her daughter to my class to let her know that the sky’s the limit. Welding melts metal and, also stereotypes.”

  3. Stay tuned into our Facebook Group for social media post announcements throughout these five days.
  4. Share all of our promotions on all of your social media channels.

Got questions? Reach us at [email protected].


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