Curate a DIY Statement Wall

Be sure to make a statement by collecting things to make a wall in your home slowly piece together and stand out!

There are so many things that people collect through the years. Trophies, silly medals for participating, grandparents knit wear and newspaper clippings from the time they were in the 3rd grade play. Ordinarily these items sit in storage and make an appearance once or twice a year.

I have recently found joy in donating old things. Especially those that will forever remain in storage bins. Then breaking out the vintage hand fans, and embroidered fabric that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Finding the perfect place for these delicate, but important items can be made stress free by curating a wall full of them! My DIY statement wall is a hodge podge of new and old items right now. The best part about it is that you can change things in and out as you please. Search for handmade prints online, or head to thrift stores to find unique filler pieces.

I’ve found a way to incorporate my old pointe ballet shoes, a dream catcher painting I made after my grandmother passed away and old family photos. Mixed in with those items are prints I’ve purchased on sites like Society 6. Even sentimental framed pieces like notes written from my old co-workers at My Friend’s Place, a homeless youth drop-in center in Los Angeles.

Add Some Life and Extra Floral Pop

Bring some life and inspiration into the room. Either stick with some real flowers, or plants, or find some fake one’s that catch your eye.

Mason jar’s are easy go-to’s to add some rounded (cylindrical to be exact) features to the room. You can find them easily at antique shops, like the infamous Antiques Barn in New Paltz, NY. For added affect if you purchase plain, antique style one’s you might add a splash of paint. If you want to add some dynamic and colorful aspects to the room.

If you are looking for some extra flare-try out some flowers (real or fake). If you think it is likely that you will NOT remember to water or replace your flowers, I recommend fake flowers to start. Last thing you want is to turn your easy statement into a chore that you don’t look forward to.

Craft stores typically sell fake flowers and you can pick and choose from. And based on the color scheme you are looking for, you’ll definitely have plenty of options. The hassle of watering of picking out a new flower every week has also been eliminated. Throw some colored pencils in one of the jars for some more colors and light hearted fun!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Borrow the shape and allure of something you already own and get creative. Repurpose something you’d otherwise throw away to add a new element to your space.

So your room is almost all set. Why not reuse something that is about to go in your trash bin? A simple project like painting a set of wine bottles can be rewarding.

The hardest part will be removing the pesky labels. The fun part will be drinking the wine. And the neat part will be selecting a paint design that works for you.

You could even invite some friends over for dinner to drink the wine. Spend a Sunday where cleaning is typically on your mind removing the labels. Then a looongggg Monday night to paint your stresses away!

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