March is a time of renewal as we usher in the Spring weather. Let us find some MUST-ATTEND classes and experiences to really quick this season into gear – Especially as we find ourselves in the limbo between April showers and May flowers.

Be sure to check out this space every month to discover some awesome ways to spend mother-daughter time!

1. Cross Stitch for Absolute Beginners

City: San Francisco, CA

Nothing says perfect fit quite like the title of this class! My mother purchased one of those cross stitch kits you can buy from a craft store for me years ago. I recently tried to use it again and get crafty for a bit, but I ended up snapping the needle in two! With that in mind, it’d be stellar to have someone actually teach me step-by-step the way to cross stitch. To have my mother along would be nothing short of an extra little treat! The two of us have really enjoyed time spent together crafting at Verlocal classes, and this would be on our to-do-lists should we find ourselves visiting San Francisco again.

2. Glassblowing Sampler


City: Roxbury Crossings, MA

When I was growing up, I had attended a sleepaway camp in Massachusetts. For this reason, my mother tends to think Massachusetts is just a stone throw away; despite the trip taking about four hours. Those four hours might just be worth it for the chance to learn the ancient art of glassblowing!

There are even Glass Easter Egg classes for the upcoming Easter holiday. If you celebrate Easter, it is a fascinating way to decorate your house! What if you don’t celebrate? Well, it would make a killer gift for a close friend who DOES. If my mom and I make the trek to Massachusetts, I know what class we’ll be ready to take!

3.  Noodle Lasagna – Deliciously Vegan & Gluten-Free!

City: Berkley, CA

It feels like ages ago since  my mother and I took that fun cooking class through Verlocal. I think that’s probably why this class sticks out to me. With Pinterest constantly providing my mother with ideas for new recipes, this one seems like an out of the park option. Not to mention Zucchini. Noodle. Lasagna?! We’d win ‘cool points’ if we can work together as a mother-daughter duo and cook this for our next family gathering. So it definitely seems worth it for bragging rights alone.

4.  Master Your Camera Controls in D.C.!

City: Washington, D.C.

My family and I never made it to Washington D.C. together when I was a child. In fact, it wasn’t until my 24th birthday that I got to experience the city. With my 9-5 job which requires me to be in Baltimore, MD quite a bit, it’d be lovely to make the extra trip on the MARC to DC with my mom.

What’d be even better? To spend some time taking my photography knowledge one step further with my mom as we experience a new city. Spring season translates to prime cherry blossom photography time!

5. Creating a Miniature Fairy Garden

City: Atlanta, GA

My mother and I just watched an episode of Tiny House Nation. It turns out even celebrities like Lil Jon like to go small sometimes. Lil Jon and his family worked with the leads on the show to create their dream tiny home/music studio/guest house in their back yard. In watching the show, we realized we’d never been to Atlanta to explore before.

With that in mind, it would only make sense to head there to do something unexpected. So, why not create a miniature fairy garden as a way to craft your own memorabilia. With Spring just around the corner, you’d be able to display it for the next few months!

Just make sure that you and your mom have a safe place to store the garden en route back home (wherever that may be)! I envision you and your mother can use this new skill set to craft other miniature treats for one another. While you’re at it, why not create a mini version of the home your mama raised you in?

If Lil Jon can go tiny, why can’t you and your mom?

If you head out to try any of these classes this spring, please be sure to let my mom and I know by commenting below! We’d love to hear how they went.

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