This week we bring you seven new Ambassadors from very different walks of life – an improv comedian,  krav maga instructor to a leathercraft master!

They will be going around their cities, meeting our incredible hosts and sharing content on their unique experiences.

If you’d like to go on city adventures and have a penchant for writing and creating content, you can join these ambassadors! Application is still open, click here: Apply to become Verlocal Ambassador. 

A big welcome to this week’s ambassadors, let’s meet them:

Artist, Comedian & Musician

I wear a lot of hats. Celebrity artist, improv comedian, and working musician, just to name the current few, and there are more chapeaus in the closet, so to speak.
I own BrushCapades Seattle (paint parties!) and perform regularly with ComedySportz Seattle. I love travelling and seeking adventures, especially the creative ones!
I have lived in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle, WA for 6 years. You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you never give up hope of finding a decent cheese counter.

Anjl is also one of our beloved hosts who teaches amazing painting classes. Check them out here: Anjl’s Verlocal Classes


Krav Maga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Kristine Ho, aka “K-Ho” (born and raised in Los Angeles). My passion is in fitness – Krav Maga Worldwide Fitness Instructor, CrossFit Coach, and Personal Trainer.

Throughout my life, I’ve also always been a very creative, artistic, adventurous being. My hobbies range from  painting (check out my boxing gloves painting business), to healthy cooking (see all my recipes), and travel (13 countries in the last three years. )

Once I learnt about the Verlocal Ambassador program, I instantly jumped at it. I love how Verlocal allows people in the community to share their unique talents with the rest of the world. Learning from all walks of life allows you to grow as a person. Verlocal allows those who are passionate about something to share that passion with others. That stands right in line with what I believe in. That is one of the main reasons I started my own blog and KHo Loves You channel on YouTube. I get to share my passion of living a positive, healthy, active lifestyle with others and hopefully inspire and help others as well. I can’t wait to continue this passion by sharing my upcoming Verlocal experiences with you guys.

Life Purpose Coach & Social Entrepreneur

Hi, I am an intuitive (psychic) life purpose coach, social entrepreneur, urban planner, and singer. A native new yorker who loves exploring and discovering something new about my own city everyday. I love nature, photography, architecture, creative arts, spirituality, and freedom. I have  a B.A. from Yale and a Master’s in urban planning from MIT. As founder of, my goal is to empower people to follow their intuition and express their unique purpose with courage and creativity.

Founder of Moxie & Oliver & Leathercraft Artist

I am the artist behind Moxie & Oliver handmade leather goods, author of “Leathercrafted,” and teacher of the next generation of leathercraft artists. I keep myself busy in off-hours chasing after my two children (or letting them chase me) and finding non-leather projects to do around our home just north of Seattle. 

Want to make your own leathercrafts? Check out Caitlin’s classes here: Introduction to Leathercrafts

Product Marketer

I am a product marketer living in San Francisco who is an artist on the side. Originally from Boston, I love traveling, DIY and crafting, cooking, and weekend trips to Tahoe.

Founder of

I’m just an LA based girl who loves to learn, inspire, teach and travel. Though, I spend my weekdays working and studying, I use my weekends and free time for road trips, hiking, working out and traveling to as many places as I can (on a budget). I’m also one of the three co-founders of Make Life Count, Co. ( where our mission is to spread our belief that life isn’t about just surviving but thriving. So, you’ll most likely find me trying to practice what I preach and doing something out of my comfort zone.


Hi, I’m Elisa, a twenty-something chick navigating my way around LA and one street taco at a time. An avid music lover, if I’m not catching a live show, you can usually find me sifting thru bins of vinyl records at a local shop. A foodie, wine-o and all around adventurer to the core, I try to spend every second I have taking in all that my wonderful city of Los Angeles has to offer.

I want to become a Verlocal Ambassador!

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