Want your Facebook audience to seamlessly check your availability and book right away? With the Verlocal calendar, this is simpler than ever before.

In just minutes, add the Verlocal calendar to your Facebook page to display your availability and provide a super-quick way for your customers and clients to book.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be converting your Facebook audience into loyal customers in no time!

1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and sign up for a Facebook Developer account when prompted.

  1. With your account set up, click on the green “+ Add a New App” button.

2. A pop-up window will appear, name the display “Calendar”, enter in your email address, select “Apps for Pages”, and click on the “Create App ID” button.

3. Once you create the App ID, you will be taken to a new page.

Open your note-taking application and copy the App ID as seen on the top of the website and paste it your note-taking application. Leave this note-taking application open as you will need to reference this information later.

Next, on the left side of the page you are taken to, click on “Settings”. Then, click on the “+ Add Platform” button near the bottom of the page.

4. A new window will pop up. You will have to set up two of these platforms, but first click on “Facebook Canvas”.

5. Next, let’s go to https://www.verlocal.com/pages/calendar to get your Verlocal Calendar URL.  Click on Copy or Embed Code button and copy the URL of your Verlocal Calendar. The url will look like this: https://www.verlocal.com/pages/calendar_frame?cal_id=111111

Copy your Verlocal Calendar URL and paste it into the note-taking application that you have opened.

Next, come back to the page that you were directed to after click Facebook Canvas. Paste your Verlocal Calendar URL into the field underneath “Secure Canvas URL”. Then, click on “Save Changes”.

6. Scroll down and click on the “+ Add Platform” button again. This time, click on “Page Tab” when the pop-up window appears.

7. Paste your Calendar URL again onto the “Secure Page Tab URL” field, name the tab (what your audience will see when they visit your Facebook page), and click on “Save Changes”.

8. Now, with your note-taking application opened, let’s make changes to this URL below:


Copy and paste the URL above into your note-taking application.

  • Delete the YOUR_APP_ID portion and replace it with your App ID that we copied down in Step 3.
    (If you can’t find your App ID, you can always go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps)
  • Delete the YOUR_URL portion and replace it with your Verlocal Calendar URL that we copied down in Step 5.


9. Copy the link you have edited into your browser. It will look like the picture below and click enter.

10. You will be taken to a confirmation page to add your page tab. Click on the “Add Page Tab” button.

11. You should now be able to see your Calendar tab in the page directory on the left side of the page.

12. Go to your page settings and arrange your tab ordering so that the “Calendar” tab is where you’d like it to appear in the order.

13. Go back to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and click on the Calendar app. Choose “App Review” from the menu on the left and toggle the “Make Calendar public?” button so that it says “Yes”.

14. This is the final product when you are finished!


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