Pick up your painting brush and call out to your inner artist! Today, we go behind the scenes of Linda Wehrli‘s Pastimes for a Lifetime Inc. Art and Piano School! You will feel a calming artistic force, and fall easily into the charm of Linda’s art classes (like many of her guests have said)!

About The Host:

“It is an honor to share my joy and passion for art with students of all ages and backgrounds. My favorite quote: “When one teaches, two learn.” ~ Robert Anson Heinlein

Linda Wehrli is committed to continuing lifelong learning, inspiring creative thinking and sharing her passion for art with others. Since 1989, she has been happily teaching students of all ages pastimes that will last a lifetime.

A lifelong artist with works in private collections, Linda has been drawing since age 5 and painting since age 12. She received formal training from the art professors at Cal State Northridge and has continued to study with various artists throughout the years. She is always experimenting and searching out new ways to use and combine techniques and mediums.

Her blend of precision, creativity and fun makes her classes educational, informative and entertaining. She instills her art and piano students with the unique combination of respect for structure and curiosity for innovation.

Fall into the charm of Linda’s art classes below:

Drawing with Graphite Intro Session

Drawing with Graphite 101 + Project Booklet: Monthly Package

All photos and video by Linda Wehrli

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