In New York City, which is already full of a variety of amazing and well-established pizza spots, it is hard to create something new that is worth talking about. But the hype which surrounds Emmy Squared, particularly on social media, is well earned. This Williamsburg spot offers detroit-style pizza – a thick, square pie with sauce traditionally on top of the cheese. Its name cleverly represents not only the shape of the pizza but also it being Matt and Emily Hyland’s follow up to their original thin crust pizza restaurant, Emily.

The dimly lit restaurant may feel slightly cramped at first and the wait at its busiest hours may not seem worth it, but one bite into a slice will make you completely forget about any concerns. The unique aspect of an Emmy Squared pie is the combination of its insanely crispy corners with its fluffy, cheesy center. It truly makes it like no other. My favorite pies include the Classic and the Vodka. Although Emmy’s classic and margarita pies are more than satisfying, they’ve also got you covered with a variety of crazy and cool combinations. These include the “Angel Pie” which is a white pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, mushrooms, and Truffleist mushroom cream.

Overall, Emmy Squared is one of my favorite restaurants and, definitely, pizza spots to go to. Yes, the wait and the cramped space is a bit of a turn-off but trust me when I say that the pizza is worth it! Check out a few of my favorites to get at Emmy Squared!!

My favorite items on the menu:

Cheese Curds

These are the perfect appetizer to snack on while waiting for your pizza to arrive. The crispy, crunchy outside contrasts with the melted, gooey cheese on the inside. It is served with two delicious dipping sauces to spice things up.

Classic Pie 

It really lives up to its name. It really just is a deliciously, classic pizza pie. What is not classic about this pie is as mentioned before, insanely crispy edges which transform your normal pizza experience to an Emmy experience.

Vodka Pie 

A twist on the classic pie with vodka sauce! Ever since it was officially added to the menu at the beginning of this year, it has been my Emmy go-to.

“Le Big Matt”

If you visit Emmy Squared on a Friday or Saturday night, you will have a chance to experience their burger bar. It has an exclusive menu, and is only opened on these two nights. The primary burger on their menu is the “Le Big Matt”- a beef burger topped with american cheese, pickles, and Emmy’s special “Sammy” sauce. I would put this burger in my top five burgers ever tried. This burger has been named one of the best in the city and when initially released, had a limited amount made which caused people to line up to experience a taste.

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