The most common thing we all do when the end of December comes around is create some new year resolutions to follow. This year I’m doing things a little differently: making a resolution to make NO resolutions. Instead, I’m focusing on learning new things and how to just be the best I can be! No more resolution pressure, because honestly, I feel like sometimes setting a limit like that puts SO much pressure on ourselves.

Goals are different. They are things we are working for, dreaming towards and are much more realistic [most of the time ? ] If you’re over the resolution game, try these things to help you jumpstart your year and learn a few new tricks. Happy New Year everyone!

Resolution Buster: Get Out & Cook!

One of the top resolutions out there is to lose weight, but I think that is one of the most stressful resolutions ever! Instead of flipping your life to go on a diet, take one step towards good + healthy changes. Try by learning how to cook something new or try a new food. This goes for vegan, gluten free and paleo, too! There are plenty of cookbooks out there for you to take

Resolution Buster: Take it Outside with a Fitness Class

Next top resolution? Staying fit + healthy. This goes hand in hand with changing up cooking and eating habits, but you can quickly turn this into something super FUN. I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing and learn how to surf but never knew where to go or how to get started. Verlocal has an amaaaaazing amount of classes that will help you get out an try something new this year. I’ll keep you posted on if I ever really, actually learn how to surf.

My fitness picks: Beginner Aerial Silks Class | Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga | Kick Boxing

Resolution Buster: Live Fully + Wholeheartedly

Onto the next: “enjoy life to the fullest!” If you aren’t already on your way there, it’s time to make some lifestyle adjustments! Sometimes when I’m in a rut and need something to shake me up, I try to look into local activities that will encourage me to be adventurous and meet new people! Working with my hands always gets me out of my rut, so taking a weaving class or learning the fundamentals of sketching will TOTALLY allow me to break out of my shell!

My adventure picks: Rock Climbing + Saving Class | Create your own Dyed Tapestry | Glassblowing/Lampworking Workshop

Resolution Buster: Get a Handle on Spending

Even though this is a top resolution, I think it should apply year round: spend less, save more. It’s really hard living in LA (a very expensive city!) and keeping it altogether when there is SO much I want to see/eat/do, but there are great and available ways to budget! A recent idea was launching my own side business since I know how to paint and market myself.

When I took Kellee’s weaving class, she explained how she learned how to weave and turned it into her own business! This year, if you’re looking to spend less and make a little more, take up a new hobby that you love and turn it into a mini side business!

My skill/hobby picks: Learn to be a Host/Plan events | Learn how to Sew | Photography Basics

Resolution Buster: Quality Family Time

Our last most common resolution: spend more time with family and friends. I DEFINITELY am on this bandwagon this year! Last year flew by and I felt like I was lacking in the social aspect of just settling down and having a simple time with family.

I love Verlocal classes for this reason-you can get a group of friends or family together and go create or learn something together! They make the perfect team/family building activities and are set + scheduled (so no flaking allowed!)

My family picks: Flower Bar with Friends | Wine & Paint Class | Candlemaking

What are some of your resolutions this year? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time, Sami from the Unexpected Type.

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