Making plans for holiday’s like Valentine’s Day can be stressful if you forget to ask the right questions! Here are some questions to keep in mind as you decide what you’ll do this February.

It is easier said than done to mutually decide what your February 14th will look like. But are you and your significant other on the same page? Let’s dive into some questions to explore before penciling in your plans. Or let’s be real, typing it in your iCalendar and sharing with one another.

Are we treating Valentine’s Day like an anniversary, a regular date, or somewhere in between?

Some families go to a restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner, others go hiking together. The point is – not everyone celebrates the holiday in the same way. Why not set the tone for how you will go about celebrating Valentine’s Day by figuring out how you are treating the day itself?

Will it be a big deal that you and your significant other treat it like an anniversary celebration? If so, what can the both of you compare the day to in order to determine how much you’ll spend?

If you and your partner decide February 14th will look more like a regular date, maybe you will choose to hit up your favorite local spot for grub. If you’re in the Brooklyn area, here are some of Nancy’s favorite eats to help you decide.

For some brunch spots in Philly to check out this February 14th click here!

Last year, my boyfriend and I hit up a small Italian restaurant in Park Slope. Then we headed straight to a comedy show in Manhattan for some laughs. We are a couple that are looking for a light-hearted way to celebrate our time together. So a comedy show was a great way to end the night.

Are we exchanging gifts or experiencing something together?

It might be in your budget to exchange gifts and go on a snazzy date with one another. But what if you’d rather do one or the other? With tight budgets but plenty of time, finding the right gift is possible. Start exploring some options today and save yourself the stress of the last minute gift.

If you’re unsure what to get start thinking about how you’re relationship has developed. For couples that are into nature, why not explore some more organic and earthy gifts? When you’re in a relationship that is all about entertainment and pizzaz, why not search for tickets to a show or a jazz club somewhere in your city?

Planning for Valentine’s Day holiday doesn’t have to be exhausting. Try starting with these suggestions and be realistic with one another about your expectations.

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