Day One of #Givepassion has arrived! Give thanks to a friend who you are grateful for with unique Verlocal experiences and help them discover and pursue a new passion.

For every $50 spent on gift purchase on Verlocal, get $10 worth of cash points!

One of our users, Angel from Boston, shared with us her joy of gifting a Verlocal class to her best friend on her birthday:

“It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience. I surprised my friend for her birthday by bringing her to a succulent making workshop. My friend loves collecting succulent. This is the first time she is making them herself. Our teacher, Sunny is so sweet and nice and very clear about directions. She gives suggestions without pushing so you can feel free to be creative. Doing something new and extraordinary during my friend’s birthday meant a lot to both of us. We will definitely go again!” 

You can be like Angel too & win yourself & your friend a FREE Verlocal experience.

To participate and have a chance to win in the giveaway, just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Tag a friend in your social media post and write a short message of thanks.
  2. Insert hashtags: #verlocal #givepassion.

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What’s the best thing to gift your friends this year? Take a look at what our hosts and editors have to say!

San Francisco:

Eloise – Cookie Baking Class with Chef Eloise

“Show some love by sharing the experience of learning how to make the some best cookies ever.”

Brandi – DIY Succulent Terrarium Workshop

“Get your hands dirty and spark your inner creativity by learning how to make Succulent Terrariums in this informative and fun workshop!”

Leeyen – DIY Marbled Ring Dishes

“You will leave this fun crafting class with a new skill that you can recreate at home, and with a one-of-a-kind marbled ring dish!”

Mari – Homemade Ramen and Gyoza Class

What shows someone you appreciate them better than cooking and having a hot bowl of ramen together?


New York:

The Unicorn School + Theater – Learn How to Play the Ukulele

“Have a musically curious friend? Help them learn to play the ukulele – it’s small, colorful, cute, light, inexpensive & so easy to play. It’s impossible not to be happy while playing one!”


The Foxgrove – Instant DJ class

“Have a friend who wants to be a DJ? Send them on their way to being famous!”

Michelle – Learn to Make Holiday Pies

“What better way to show appreciation to a friend than taking them to a pie-making class?”


The Floasis – Introduction to Poi and Fire Poi

“If you have a friend with a fiery personality, you need to take them to a fire poi class ASAP!”


Los Angeles:

Linda – Drawing with Graphite 101

“Help your friend express creativity and discover their inner artist through graphite drawing!”


Christy – DIY Holiday Gifts :: Stamped Metal Jewelry

“Every best friend deserves a personalized gift. Make beautiful metal jewelry pieces that define your unique friendship!”

SwingIt – Flying Trapeze: The Fun Exercise

“Trust me, seeing your friends screaming at top of their lungs is hilarious, especially when they are dangling in the air.”

Elissabetta – Gnocchi Making Class

“Have a friend who loves the Italian culture? You might not be able to send them to Italy, but taking them to Elisabetta’s kitchen is almost as good!”



Jeff – Pottery Class in Seattle

“This is more than just a one-time experience – you will leave with a functional vessel you create with your own hands. Something to keep for life or gift to a special someone.”


Pole Fitness Seattle – Intro to Pole Dancing Series

“This series is the perfect first step in starting your pole journey. It is designed for beginners and a fun way to stay fit!”

Laura – A Paint and Create Class

“Need a break from your busy schedule? Grab a friend and venture into a world of creative play – paint together and create something to gift to someone!”

Up, Beyond Media – Learn to Fly a Drone

“Are you and a friend drone-curious? Fulfill your aviation aspirations together in this incredible experience!”



Parkour Ways – Learn Parkour | Discovery Class

“Parkour is all about building strength – both physical and mental – in order to help others. A perfect experience for you and a friend during the holidays!”


Charlotte – Customized Consultation for Anything You Want To Learn

“Learn with a customized plan and personalized guidance on ANY topic of your choice. Take advantage of our 2 for 1 deal and learn together!”

A-List Startender – Essential Mixology Course with Chicago’s High Tech Bartending School

“Experiment on creating cocktails with a friend – discover and impress people together as the mixology dynamic duo!”

Leann – Succulent Savvy

“Show a friend how you want to nurture your friendship with them – by nurturing your own succulents!”


Tim – Small Group Personal Fitness Training

“With the holidays approaching, the gift of fitness and health is priceless to those getting ready to declare their New Year’s resolutions.”

Amberly – Whiskey 101: Cocktail Workshop

“Help your friend discover a penchant and tongue for fine whiskey. Turn a whiskey skeptic into a believer!”

Joan – Maverick Horseback Riding: The River Ride

“Get out of the city and bask in nature’s glory. Take a friend along for the ride and reaffirm your friendship!”

Creative Side Jewelry Academy – Simple Earrings for Beginners

“Friendship bands? Psh, step your game up and make your very own friendship earrings today!”


Joshua – Mixology Class: Learn How to Make Your Favorite Cocktails at Home!

“Want free cocktails at get-togethers with your friend? Send them to a bartending class!”

Sunny Florists – Make a 6-Inch Square Wood Box Succulent Terrarium

“Bond with a close friend by taking the first step in learning to care for life together!”

Turnstyle Cycle – Top Hits Themed Cycling Class

“Jam to top hits with a great friend while getting a workout in!”

Joe – Learn to Make Gumbo: The History of the Gulf South in One Pot

“What can possibly help you get closer to a friend than learning to make and eating hot gumbo together?”

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