Welcome to Day 3 of #givepassion campaign! There’s no stopping the giving passion movement. With thanksgiving just round the corner, it’s time to start thanking our next special group of people – our significant other.

For every $50 spent on gift purchase on Verlocal, get $10 worth of cash points!

As one of our Facebook fans puts it on one of our post of couple experiences we offer, “Aww! Today was my hubby’s birthday. We could’ve done one of these. We did enjoy dinner at the Signature room, but these look like great ideas for another child-free date!” Dating should never be dull, and there’s so much to explore in our city. So there’s no more excuse for another boring date. Gift and surprise your significant other with a unique Verlocal experience like what Krysta did:

“I had a bit of a special case scenario and ended up getting the Date and Tango class for couples! Sergio, the director, was very generous and after the class ended, he was wonderfully approachable and very enthusiastic about the dance! It was really refreshing! So I attended with my boyfriend as a celebration for our first year together! The instructors gave us a quick but really good and easy to follow foundation to executing the tango.I have experience in social dancing, but my boyfriend had none. And to watch the instructors help him in leading was wonderful, they knew exactly where his problems were and gave very insightful direction. They were attentive, patient, and really down-to-earth people. They invited us for drinks and sushi after. Once we move back into the city, we are totally going back to their studio to learn more!”


Win yourself & your significant other a FREE Verlocal experience to spruce up your date night now!

To participate and get your chance to win in the giveaway, just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Tag a friend in your social media post and write a short message of thanks.
  2. Insert hashtags: #verlocal #givepassion.

It’s that simple. Share on your social media now!


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