It’s Day 2 of our week-long Thanksgiving #givepassion celebration! This year, take your family out and gift them something special, from your granny to your kids…anyone in your family. Think about what really makes them happy and helps them grow – think how you can #givepassion to them!

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Experiencing something new isn’t just for young adults or millennials. There’s no age limit when it comes to learning new things and checking off items in your bucket list. Read about how Jessica’s musical journey took her from a 70 year-old student to a newborn baby!

“One of the perks of being a music teacher is that I get to see and help people realize a dream and walk them step by step through something they are truly passionate and excited about. What a joy!

Janice, for example, is 72. The outspoken and jovial wife, mother, grandmother, neighbor and politically involved woman called me one afternoon out of the blue, and inquired about lessons. She told me her age and asked if I could teach her to play guitar. She said it was an item on her “bucket list”; the list of items she wanted to do before her time on this planet was through.

It was Janice’s great sense of humor and her drive that helped her knock “guitar” off her bucket list, and I am so happy to have been a part of that.”

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