Recently I got the opportunity to attend an Intro to Modern Calligraphy class for the first time, and I’ve got to say this class, taught by Sarah Ward, is perfect for hand-lettering beginners! If you want to learn more about bounce lettering or modern lettering and have no idea where to start, this class is for you.

The class was hosted at Baked Seattle, which is a nice, cozy bakery. We were greeted with super cute, handwritten place cards (and a beautiful “The future is Female” sticker, right after the Women’s March).

The set up is so well thought out and adorable

At the class, we can try either brush pen or dip pen, depending on which one we are more comfortable with. Sarah also gives us a sketchbook and practice worksheets, which are prepared in a well thought-out order from simple to more complicated.

And did I mention the class come with chocolate and these amazing cupcakes? What else is better than lettering and cakes, seriously. If you have the chance to try, I’d strongly recommend the Coconut Mango. It’s the bomb.

Everyone is very nice and welcoming. We have a lot of fun practicing on the worksheets.

The “Did I do that upstroke justice” face that you’ll always make when lettering

For the worksheets, I’ve learned that it’s best to trace them first and then come up with your own style. The sheets also come with blank space where you can letter your own words.

Everyone is so hardworking and supportive.

Overall, I think Sarah is an amazing teacher. She can answer any question you have regarding lettering and calligraphy. If you are looking for something fun, meditative and meditative to do, you should look into this class. Everyone here has completely different backgrounds: a nurse, an accountant, etc. so don’t worry that you aren’t creative enough for this class. I’ve found myself to experiment more with lettering after this class. Below are some of the lettering pieces I’ve done since then:


Feeling pumped? Time to pick up that pencil or brush pen! Feel free to ask me if you have any question (and stalk my lettering journey on Instagram). Have fun lettering!


Find out more about Sarah’s Calligraphy classes here!

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