Halloween is on Monday.  Are you the type of person that has your Halloween costume planned out weeks in advance or the one who wakes up and realizes Halloween is tomorrow and you need a costume stat?  I am usually in the second category.  If you are too, here are five easy ideas for a last minute costumes for you and your family.

His & Hers Bank Robbers (from SayYes.com)

Step 1: Find a black and white striped shirt.  Step 2: Put on a pair of black pants.  (You have a pair of black pants in your closet right?)  Step 3. Find a mask.  Or make one yourself from a trash bag. Preferably one that you haven’t used yet. Step 4. Put on some gloves. Step 4. Draw a dollar sign on any bag you have around the house. Step 5. Go steal some fun! (Stay tuned for more dad jokes)

Mavis From Hotel Transylvania


Do you have a little black dress? All you need now are black and red striped tights, a black wig and black lipstick to finish off your look.  Time to go impress everyone with your fangtastic look!

Three Hole Punch (From Domino Magazine)

Ok y’all, this one is for the really lazy among us.  Wear whatever you want, cut out three dots, tape them to your shirt (or your preferred application method), and give someone a punch when they ask what you are supposed to be for Halloween.  It is sure to be a knockout.

Salt and Pepper (from evite.com)

This one requires a partner.  A friend, a significant other, your kid, a cat, your teddy bear, whatever works for you.  One of you wears a white shirt and the other a black shirt.  Use these printables courtesy of evite, cut out, attach to shirts and shake your fun all over the party.

A Bag of Jelly Bellies (from Modern Kiddo)

You need only three things! 1) balloons 2) a clear plastic trash bag and 3) a black permanent marker to decorate the bag. The ribbons in your hair is totally up to you.  Just stay away from that guy who will try to pop the balloons all night. That would really deflate the evening.

Also, when it comes to easy Halloween costumes, we have to mention Jim from The Office. Oh, how have we missed him:

What is your favorite easy Halloween costume?  Let us know below!

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