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On January 25th, we got the chance to experience Freefall NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge tour. Since New York City is a city filled with so much culture and variety, we were excited to see how they would capture all of it during our tour. They definitely exceeded our expectations! Freefall NYC’s tours are unique in a way we’ve never seen or heard of before. They photograph and video your every move, making sure your experience is truly unforgettable.

Our tour began at the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge in Downtown Manhattan. There, we met up with videographers Zhen and Christina. After they explained the itinerary for the next three hours, we were on our way! We began walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, while Christina and Zhen pointed out some of the beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. We were in awe from how beautiful the city looked from this new perspective. At the same time, they filmed each step we took! Our hair was blowing in the wind, and yes, we felt (and hopefully looked) famous.

We walked across the entire bridge, occasionally stopping to admire things such as signs, art vendors, and of course the breathtaking views. Eventually, we reached Dumbo, where we walked around, passing many cute galleries and boutiques. We stopped by the East River to take in even more amazing views of the city. We even got caught up in a little challenge of seeing who could throw a rock in the furthest! (Nancy won.) Next, we reached Jane’s Carousel; a beautiful, wooden carousel with the surreal views of NYC surrounding it.

After visiting the carousel, we walked along the river some more. We stopped by a small park surrounded by brick walls to take a few pictures and just sit down before we headed towards the iconic Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Of course, this was one of the best moments of our trip. As huge lovers of ice cream (..and all food), it was difficult for us to choose just one flavor but we decided to share coffee and vanilla chocolate chunk.

Overall, our tour itself was a once in a lifetime experience. We were able to document an amazing journey through some of the most iconic spots leading into Brooklyn, our hometown. We loved having Zhen and Christina there to guide us and get some amazing shots of our adventure. The pictures and videos came out absolutely amazing, truly capturing our vibe as well as the city.  As we watch the video now, we can remember exactly how we felt on the tour- carefree, relaxed, and in awe of the beauty of New York City. We would definitely take another one of FreeFall NYC’s tours! We even have our eyes set on a specific one (hint: food)!!!


Photos by: Freefall NYC

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