As this year comes to a close, we want to thank all of you, our fans, for the support you have given us. In 2016, we have read so many inspiring stories from our community members of how gifting a Verlocal experience has been so meaningful to them. Paula from Seattle shared her story of how gifting her granddaughter a welding workshop helped prepare her for mechanic school and Angel from Boston loved how she surprised her best friend with a succulent making workshop as her birthday gift.

We hope to encourage our community (with Thanksgiving just around the corner) to gift passion to loved ones. Instead of giving someone the usual sweater or socks, why not help them discover and pursue a unique passion by sending them on an unforgettable experience or getting them a special handcrafted item to inspire them to learn a new skill? In short, why not #givepassion?

To help with your #givepassion efforts, we have exclusive gift promotions, just for you!

From Sunday to Thursday, for every $50 you spend on a Verlocal gift purchase, you will get $10 worth of cash points.

There are some many people in our lives that we can give passion to. You can join us in this movement as we give thanks to a special group each day, starting on Sunday.

Sunday – #givepassion to a friend
Monday – #givepassion to a family member
Tuesday – #givepassion to a significant other
Wednesday – #givepassion to a coworker

We have also worked with all of our hosts to tailor gifts that will suit each group of people. You will receive a specially curated list of our Editor’s Picks each day, which will show what the best #givepassion gifts are for that day’s featured group.

In addition, get a chance to win Verlocal experiences for you and one of your close ones!

Simply, participate in our #givepassion social media campaign:

1) Use the hashtag #givepassion and #verlocal on any of your social media posts.
3) Tag someone, write a short message of giving thanks and let them know what passion you would like to gift them.

The campaign will end on 24 November 2016. Share now and don’t miss out!

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