Hello Verlocal Community!

Happy fall! It’s that time again for another helpful host tip from us to you. One of the most common questions we receive from our hosts is: “How can I get more business and traffic through Verlocal?” There are many ways for hosts to utilize their partnership with us to drive traffic to their offerings. We have compiled a brief list of ways that you, as a host, can effectively increase your customer traffic while boosting your brand to Verlocal users.

1) Don’t be a Stranger

If you have an event coming up on Verlocal and you haven’t been getting the amount of customer traffic you had hoped for, email us at[email protected]! We want to hear about the classes you need to fill up! Nothing makes us happier than to hear from you and help you in any way possible. If your event is quickly approaching, we can put your particular listing in our newsletter, letting our community know about your listing.

2) Guest Blogging

One great way for you to reach the Verlocal audience is by writing a guest post on our blog. Through a guest post, hosts can write quick tips or stories about their expertise, passion or city of residence. If you are a Japanese chef, you can write a post about Japanese cuisine, when the best time to buy fish would be, etc. Once the guest post has been written, approved, and posted, we will feature it and distribute to our users as well as post it on social media! Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and express your interest!

3) Tags

When setting up your listings, you have the option to add tags to your listing. The tags serve a very important purpose: when guests search for a certain experience and use keywords that match with your tags, they see your listing in their search results. On average, hosts have between 5–10 tags, which we have seen to be a perfect amount of tags for increasing your traffic.

Get your traffic up by adding searchable tags in your listing.

4) Videos / Pictures

Hosts with videos on their profiles tend to have considerably more traffic than those without. Having a video from YouTube on your profile about what you do, the space you operate and the experience you offer, allows guests to put themselves into your setting virtually, allowing for comfort ability and transparency with regards to purchasing your listing. The videos don’t have to be long or super high quality! Just a 30 second video taken from your phone during one of your events will help potential clients and customers visualize the class or event better.

Do you have tips to share? Comment and share below! One lucky commenter will be chosen next Wednesday, and will receive a natural soy candlehandmade by one of our vendors, Banter & Bliss!

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