Now, it’s your chance to nominate your biggest fans and customers as ambassadors! If approved, they will earn free experiences!

Last week, we launched the Verlocal Ambassadors program and received hundreds of applications in 48 hours.

As ambassadors, they will receive free experiences in return for creating different kinds of content, including about Verlocal experiences that they take. They can also share tips or advice based on their own hobbies, passions, and  adventures in their cities!

Their content will then be broadcast on all of our marketing channels, reaching hundreds of thousands of fans through email and social media.

With your customers as ambassadors, they can become the loudest voices in sharing the enriching and fun experience they had while partaking in your classes, services, or social events.

As Ambassadors, they can enjoy these perks and many more to come:

Every month, they get to enjoy one Verlocal experiences for free!
Yes, that’s right, FREE!
Every friend that they invite to these free experiences enjoy a 20% discount!
Friends care but real friends share!
Get a free and exclusive t-shirt only for Verlocal Ambassadors.
They’re too cool to not flaunt their Verlocal swag!
Have their content read by more than hundreds of thousands of Verlocal users and tens of thousands of fans on our social media channels.
They can parachute their way to social media stardom!
Get their very own account on our Verlocal blog to post content with their very own columns!
Yes, that’s how much we trust our ambassadors as our users’ advocates!

Who should get your nomination?

  • Ambassadors are passionate and fun-loving individuals who care about discovering, sharing, and experiencing their cities in Verlocal-style.
  • They love to share their adventures with the more than hundreds of thousands of their fellow Verlocal peers.
  • They can also be enthusiastic hobbyists who likes to share their thoughts and knowledge online.
  • It is a plus if they already have blogs, active social media presence, love to organize meet-ups or events or writing and creating in general. 

I’d like to get started:

Start nominating
Or, click this link here:
(The process will not take you more than 2 minutes.)

Hosts can sign up as Ambassadors too!

If you’d like to sign up as an ambassador yourself, you can do that too.

Simply visit our sign up page by click this link:

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at [email protected].

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