One of the toughest factors to decide on when creating your Verlocal offering is the price. You want to be able to make a profit by offering your experiences and services, but don’t want to price yourself out of potential students’ and clients’ budgets!

So, with that said, we’d like to recommend you on what the price range of your offering(s) should be based on our existing listings’ pricing and categories. The following shows the average price of an experience offering in a certain category, based on our users’ top 10 most popular choices:

  • Arts & Crafts: $70.70
  • Food & Drink: $105.40
  • Outdoors: $98.70
  • Sports & Fitness: $18.30
  • Music: $73.50
  • Life Skills: $57.50
  • Language: $38.75

If your pricing is close to the data presented above, you’re in good form! If your pricing deviates from the above data, that’s okay – it’s possible that something about your offering warrants a premium markup. And if this is the case, please explain the premium aspect of your offering in the description!

Another great way to make your offering more affordable (therefore more popular with our community) is to use our price variation feature (available on the listing edit page) to set up discounted rates for groups.

In the above example, one of our hosts has set up discounted rates for groups. While a class for a couple would run $60 per person, a class for a group of 4-7 participants would run $50 per person, and a class for a group of 8 would run $40 per person. By discounting rates for groups, you will be able to fill up your classes and experiences with ease!

If you need any help setting up price variations or determining what the sweet spot would be for pricing your offering, please reach out to us at [email protected]!

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