Verlocal is a community of individuals who come together to share experiences, a single host’s actions have great influence and effect on the experience of everyone on the platform.

We requests our hosts and vendors to conduct all transactions and communications with Verlocal users through our platform.  It is crucial that we ensure our users and hosts can transact securely and fairly through our system.

Internal transactions allow us to enforce fair cancellation and refund policies, tend to any issues that may arise between a host and a guest, and easily pull up details regarding a purchase to ultimately protect our community from security issues and fraud.

All suspicious messages which may point to off-platform transactions and/or communication will be automatically flagged by our system. This may potentially lead to suspension of a host or vendor’s account and also, limiting how much their offerings are marketed.

We value:

  • The experience of the guest, who may come back to discover new listings within our community.
    90% of guests who have been encouraged to contact/book outside the platform do not return for a second purchase until months later. Many of these guests have contacted Verlocal, upset by the hassle of having to contact and book with the host/vendor outside the platform as well as by the quality of the interactionThis is also because outside transactions do not receive the same customer service support our team can offer as compared to one host.
  • The experience of other hosts, who may have been able to share their talents with another potential guest. Hosts may not be able to share their passions and skills with more people because the guest was encouraged off the platform from a negative interaction. 33% of users are frequently purchasing new experiences – approximately 40% of which return within every month while 60% within every two months.
  • Lack of Trust And Varied Methods For Payments. Outside transactions may also deter guests from purchasing as they might not offer the same robust and trusted payment architecture we offer on our platform. Some hosts use payment systems that are transacted directly to their personal accounts. This might be flagged by users as an unsafe transaction and are not protected under a rules-based policy for refunds or cancellation.

Our team strives to protect our community by ensuring a smooth and secure experience when members are searching for their next adventures. Verlocal brings together a talented community of individuals who are excited to share and learn from a variety of skills, artistries, and experiences.  By staying true to Verlocal’s Terms of Service, you can be ensured that Verlocal will do its best to protect you and your business.

By keeping all transactions and communication within Verlocal, you, as a host, will continue to build trust in your brand – as trust is the single most important factor to a business’s success. Our team trusts you to provide amazing experiences; you can trust Verlocal to take care of you by providing a beautifully designed, developed, and supported platform – with an awesome team to grow alongside you the whole way through!

Have a question in mind?  Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll get your question answered!

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