“If you have the curiosity, the desire, and someone is willing to show you how things work, you can learn pretty much anything.”

What do you desire to learn most?

After working as a product designer for over a decade, Taras, the founder of Craftsman Ave, got into the world of motorcycle design due to his desire to create designs that people can touch & feel. This same passion led to the creation of Craftsman Avenue and opened the door to a world of new crafting possibilities to the Brooklyn community – from motorcycle design, jewelry metalsmithing, to woodworking. Today, call out to your inner artist and take a ride with us to discover a crafty gem in Brooklyn!

About Craftsman Ave:

Craftsman Ave is a studio space that gives makers the opportunity to bring ideas to life. The space is  a hands-on environment in the BK community that nurtures the spirit of getting things done! If you are a hands-on learner, you’ve found the right community. Their artists teach classes on chocolate making, jewelry design, leatherworking, and everything under the sun.

Each hands-on experience gives you the freedom to explore a new passion, create something of your own, and join their community of makers and creators.

Fulfill your artsy desires with top local artists at Craftsman Ave – grab your spot today:

Metalsmith Jewelry Design

The Art of Floral Design

Introduction to Metal Fabrication

Custom Motorcycle Design

Introduction to Wire Jewelry

Introduction to Modern Woodworking

Introduction to Paper Marbling

Design & Build a Speaker

Picture Frame Making Workshop

Shaping Wood Workshop

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