The chances are, if you’re a host on Verlocal, you’ve heard from us regarding available dates. Whether it’s regarding adding new dates to your calendar so we can continue to include you in our marketing or adding arbitrary dates to your calendar in the case of a listing that needs to be scheduled privately, making sure that your calendar is not completely empty is crucial.

To show you how important available dates are to being a top host on Verlocal, we collected and analyzed some data. Here are our findings:

  • 80% of all transactions on Verlocal are from the top 10% of hosts.
  • The top 10% of Verlocal hosts have 5 available dates up per month on average.
  • 59% of all bookings on Verlocal are for events taking place on weekends.

Based on which of these categories you fall into, there may be one or several steps you need to take to get closer to being included in the top 10% of Verlocal:

1. You are a host with no available dates

This is the worst-case scenario. Your listing is stuck on the last page of the search results since there are no available dates for it. This means that even if someone may be interested in scheduling a private session with you, they may not see your listing.

Even if your offering needs to be scheduled privately, we encourage our hosts to add at least five dates (they can be arbitrary) per month to their calendars. If you’re worried about the arbitrary date/time you list on your calendar not being open when someone submits a request for said date/time, you can simply respond back to their request and figure out a new date/time that would work for them, and add it to the calendar for them to book. There are ways for you to transfer users’ requests and reservations to another date/time that you add on the calendar!

2. You are a host with 1 – 3 TOTAL available date(s)

You’re making progress! With one to three available date(s), your listing is no longer stuck at the bottom of the barrel and it’s more visible to our users. However, you’re still a long way off from being attractive to our users!

Why is that? That’s because if there are less than three total dates available, most users will move onto another of our listings if these dates do not work for them. In addition, many of our users filter listings by dates that they will be free on. If you only have one to three date(s) on your calendar, the chances are, you will not show up in the results when they search through our listings!

By adding 5 available dates on the weekends per month for each of your listings, you will be increasing exposure of your listings to at least 4 times as many of our users!

3. You are a host with 1-3 available dates PER MONTH

You’re almost there! With regular availability each month, your listing(s) have become more available to Verlocal users. While you’ve increased your exposure by having regular availability, you still have a ways to go before you’re well on the path to being in the top 10% of Verlocal hosts!

Here’s how to get there: add a couple more available dates each month, and make sure they’re on the weekends!

4. You are a host with 4 – 5 available dates or more PER MONTH

Congratulations! You see regular interest in your listing(s) and receive booking requests regularly. If your availability is on weekends, that’s even better – you are now in, or on the way to being in, the top 10% of hosts on Verlocal!


All in all, having at least 5 available dates on the weekends each month for your listings helps you look more professional and approachable, and can eventually propel your status on Verlocal to the top! It shows that you are active on Verlocal, and are more reliable than someone who may not have any available dates/times up.

Don’t be stuck on the last page of the search results! Set up or update your calendar now here and become one of our top grossing hosts!

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