Introducing Verlocal Calendar

Verlocal Calendar is one of the first business software tool we are releasing as part of our goal to empower individual and local businesses. Having worked with thousands of one-person, local and small businesses, we understand that managing schedules, bookings and communicating with your customers is one of the most time-consuming business activity.

Beyond a marketplace, Verlocal have been continually developing and providing online business tools to help you succeed in your venture. We are proud to announce Verlocal Calendar as our effort to provide a one-stop booking system solution for your business.

With Verlocal Calendar, you can:

  1. Have total control and organization of your events
    Easily manage your event’s availability, booking dates, and times directly on your own website.
    Change a date or availability?  Automatically see changes updated everywhere including Verlocal Marketplace.
  2. Reach an endless potential of guests
    Whether the user is a Verlocal user or not, they are able to purchase and sign up for your event directly through Calendar.
  3. Improve your guest’s and your own booking experience
    Get an intuitive Calendar that users can easily browse and purchase events from – and where you can quickly update event details.
  4. Integrate the calendar in less than 5 minutes.
    Get started right away with a link and have a beautiful Verlocal Calendar directly integrated to your website.

This is an example of our calendar being integrated into a host’s website. Without the need to login onto other platforms or websites, the host can directly edit the bookings, availability and scheduling.


Get administrative access to manage all your bookings directly on the calendar widget.

You can directly manage your listings on the calendar. Changing a timing of a listing takes just one click.

An intuitive booking experience for all customers and Verlocal users



Customers can book on your website with seamlessly and an intuitive user interface.

Try out a live calendar for one of our host, Urban Sprouts:

Your calendar is already ready for you to embed onto your website or blog, do it now:
1. Get Started: How To Embed a Verlocal Calendar on your Website
2. How to manage listings on your new Verlocal Calendar directly on your website

If you require further technical assistance, feel free to contact us as [email protected]

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