What We’ll Cover
Admin Mode
Customer Mode
Verlocal Dashboard (for viewing and managing all guest bookings/setting up payments)

Admin Mode
In Admin Mode, you are able to add future/remove dates for your event, update available spots for each event.
A Verlocal Calendar will look like this in Admin Mode

Create Dates for an Event

  1. Select the date on the calendar for a new event
  2. Select the event to schedule from the drop down menu
  3. Select a start time for the event and click add
  4. If you have multiple times for that date, continue adding dates
  5. If the event occurs at the same time on multiple days, select Set Up Repeat Dates and select on what days and weeks you would like the event to reoccur
  6. Complete by clicking Set On Calendar
  7. Your Verlocal Calendar is now updated and your listings will be viewable to the customer

Removing Dates for an Event

  1. Select the event on the calendar

2. Complete by clicking Remove Item or the Trash icon Updating Available Slots for an Event

  1. Select the event on the calendar
  2. Select from the dropdown menu the number of available spots for the event
  3. Complete by clicking Update Calendar


Customer Mode
In Customer Mode, your guests are able to browse all of your future available dates for events, and directly purchase whether they are a Verlocal user or not.

A Verlocal Calendar will look like this in Customer Mode

When users click on an event, they will be displayed a simple, user-friendly checkout system

Verlocal Dashboard

Viewing and Managing Guest Bookings
Navigate to the Manage Bookings tab on www.verlocal.com to view, in detail, the guests who are signed up for your events.  From here, you are able to send Group Messages, Transfer Guests to other dates, review Guest Info, and Cancel events if needed.

Receiving Payments
Navigate to the Payment tab and select your preferred payout method.  You will receive payment 3-5 days after a transaction has been made.

For further questions regarding how to manage your event listings’ date, time, and availability on your website and/or managing guest bookings on your Verlocal Dashboard, please contact us at [email protected]

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