After nearly 200 applications and ongoing, we are proud to announce our first pioneering batch of Verlocal ambassadors. We will be introducing you to them in groups weekly.

You can look forward to the myriad of content they will be sharing about their Verlocal experiences, exclusive tips on how to be a city adventurer and unique insights to their passions, interests and personal development!

Today, let’s have a first look at six of your ambassadors:


Los Angeles

DIY Blogger, Freelance Illustrator &
Events Coordinator


I run The Unexpected Type! blog which provides a round-up from DIY, homehacks to recipes and lifestyle stories. I grew up in a creative household with parents who encouraged my odd, art-based dreams, and over the years I learned how to get down + dirty with hammers and nails, paints, and at the oven (keep an eye out for my whisking skills.)

I’m always looking for ways to learn something and unexpected so that I can be creative in a totally new way. When I discovered Verlocal, I was really excited to be able to connect with other artists, tell their stories, and experience how they teach their creativity to others. I’m super stoked to be a part of this amazing community and share my experiences with you!




Blogger, MBA student & Consultant


“I started Three Times Per Day because I wanted to share my love of food and help people (including myself) find balance between work, play, and relaxation.  Since moving to Chicago in 2011, I’ve never run out of things to do and am constantly meeting interesting people with diverse skills and passions — which is exactly why I love the city so much!

It naturally follows that I was drawn to Verlocal’s mission of allowing people from all walks of life to exchange their unique talents in order to create a more balanced society. As recent college graduates, my friends and I are always looking for ways to meet people, learn something new, or have an out-of-the-ordinary experience, and Verlocal delivers on that end, too!”



Los Angeles

Social Justice Advocate


Hi, this is Dominique here! I blog at the When I’m not drafting a post, I am out advocating for social justice. I currently fight for good, clean and fair food at Slow Food USA.  Social causes have been a central part of my life, having previously worked with families as a Multisystemic Therapist on Staten Island, and with homeless youth at My Friend’s Place in Los Angeles.
I love chakra bowls meditation, yin yoga, and writing prose. I’m so excited to harness that positive energy into learning from skilled artists and meeting new people at the gatherings featured on Verlocal, especially as a pioneer for the Ambassadors program!





Blogger & Consultant


A native Austinite here. I love exploring the city for new adventures with my husband, young son, and our first son, North the dog.

A recovering politico, I now consult on governmental affairs and help families live the good life over at  In my free time, you can find me trying out a new recipe, planning my next trip, or volunteering in the community.  I want to live in a world full of books, binge worthy tv, chips and queso, and margaritas.




Scientist & Food Blogger


I’m a scientist by day, a food and travel blogger at night, and a world traveler whenever I can get away. I have been has been writing about my experiences all over the world since 2007, starting from dining and imbibing and expanding to travel activities including glacier hiking, scuba diving, and more. All these adventures can be found on

I currently live in Boston and enjoys exploring the city’s cocktail bars and hidden culinary gems. From the long history of the city, to the diverse cuisines (think Moldovan and Cape Verdean restaurants), Boston has a lot more to offer than at first glance! I’m excited to share my Verlocal experiences!

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  1. The by Dominique has been inspirational and insightful. We look forward to reading her artistic and whimsical content on Verlocal as well.