A dreamy ambiance greeted us as soon as we got off of the elevator.

The Knotel co-working space that Craft Jam calls ‘home’ even had cool digs hanging from the wall. My mother and I had been in the space a few months prior to make our own plant hangers, but there was still something fresh and cool about the space.

Even before we got started, the room looked like a crafters version of a fairytale – with opportunity lingering in the air to create some new digs we could be proud of in craft form. For us, that meant we would be creating some amazing wall hangings. Taking the macrame cords and weaving them until we had something special and of our own.

The teacher aka “JamMaster” named Paige had the nifty final product of what we’d be making at CraftJam hanging up front.

It’s amazing how a bunch of macramé tied around a hoop can turn into something so beautiful. Especially with a little love and care!

Knot-by-knot the macramé wall hanging started to come together. My mother and I got to help one another through the steps. We laughed (a lot) as a well-curated playlist played in the background.

Friends and “Jammaster” Paige pitched in when the class forgot which knot they were on!

“Jammaster” Paige showing us what our Josephine knots would look like once we’d completed our own creations.

Sometimes you have to stop and smirk at what you’ve made!

The final snips to make the wall hanging just the right length.

Looks like we’re all ready to roll.

Just one group picture before we head out to celebrate all the laughs we had at CraftJam.

Photo by JamMaster Paige

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Start knotting with jammasters at CraftJam in their classes today!

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