Festival Packing Woes
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You never want to be caught off-guard when you head out to a local festival, so here’s your perfect festival packing list! But that doesn’t mean you have to bring your whole home or treat it as a parade to flaunt your outdoor credo.

Bring only what you need! This is my perfect festival bag packing list. Especially if you are going with a kid. I can’t believe how many times band-aid has saved my life. Here’s what I take in my festival bag and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Your One-Stop Packing List for Local Festivals
  1. The right bag.  I use an old nylon crossbody bag.  Something that you don’t care if it gets wet either from rain or a spilled drink.  Here is an inexpensive option on Amazon, but you probably already have something around the house.
  2. Cash. Most places take credit cards now, but they don’t always work.
  3. Hand sanitizer. I like these little ones you can clip on your bag for easy access.via GIPHY
    This might be a bit overkill, but you do you!
  4. Water bottle.  A lot of festivals won’t let you bring in water, but you can bring in an empty bottle and fill it once you are inside.  My son hasn’t been able to break this CamelBak bottle yet, and that is saying something. (Not pictured because he was using it at school!)
  5. Plastic resealable bags.   So many uses for these.  Put your phone and other valuables in one if it starts to rain.  My kid usually has leftover food from his festival meals. These bags are great for storing the leftovers for when he is inevitably hungry one hour later.
  6. Koozie.  Don’t get stuck buying an overpriced one at the festival.  Bring your own.  Here is the one pictured.  They have other states too!
  7. Lip balm. One of my favorites!
  8. Cheap sunglasses.  Ones you don’t care if they get lost. I got these for free at another festival.
  9. Band Aids! Don’t take any chances with blisters, bites, or scrapes.
  10. Non aerosol bug spray.  Let’s not take any chances with the Zika virus! I’ve been a fan of Avon’s Skin So Soft for a long time.  Deet free and it has SPF!
  11. A big scarf. Use it to sit on or wrap up in if someone gets cold.  Plus it easily stuffs into your bag. I bought mine at Costco last year, but this one looks similar and is inexpensive.
  12. Travel wipes.  Again, good for so many things.  Mine come from the travel section of the grocery store and you can also find several here.
  13. Travel sized toilet paper.  Please don’t get stuck in a porta potty without toilet paper.  Especially with your kid.  Yuck.  Order these.
  14. Disposable poncho. Be prepared just in case! Disposable ponchos are tiny and are good for emergencies.  If you know for sure it is going to rain bring something of better quality.
  15. Kids’ ear protection.  Or, as my husband calls them, ear defenders.  Sometimes the British just say things better.  A must if you are going to a music festival.  Amazon has a huge selection.
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  16. Kids entertainment. Something small to keep your kid happy, but that they also won’t care about if they get lost or forgotten. Maybe it is some army men or a few my little ponies (what a friend brought at our last festival and they were a hit!). Even your phone! Just keep in mind that, depending on the crowds, you may or may not have data.


What am I missing?  What are some of your festival bag must haves? Check out my tips for attending festivals with your kids!

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