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Rahaf, Darzah’s lead tatreez artist, embroidering a pair of Red Baklawa flats

We are proud and privileged to introduce our Brand of the week – our charity partner and partner of the week… Darzah.org!

Who is Darzah?

Based in the West Bank, Darzah empowers refugees and low-incomed communities through training and employment programs. They collaborate with talented women artists from the Jenin region, and each tatreez embroidered products is carefully hand-stitched at the artisan center in Zababdeh. Darzah also sources leather from a family-run leather manufacturer in Khalil/Hebron to provide a collection of fair trade, traditional Palestinian products.

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Darzah’s Brand Story

Palestinian cross-stitch, called “tatreez” in Arabic, is an embroidery technique traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. It is a strong symbol of Palestinian cultural heritage. It is a slow, methodical practice that requires careful calculation, as each stitch must be counted. Tatreez embroidery is incredibly diverse, as each motif has a unique meaning and originates from specific areas of Palestine. Most designs are inspired by the local nature and everyday life, such as the Cypress Tree motif, also known as the “tree of life:”

Closeup of embroidery panel used in Darzah’s Gold Cypress wristlet

Other iconic designs are those inspired by feathers or grape vines:

Darzah’s Eanab scarf. Photo by Late Bloomers Co.

There are many beautiful motifs also inspired by animals as well, such as this snail design:

Darzah’s Najma leather choker. Photo by Late Bloomers Co.

Darzah is a celebration of women’s empowerment and traditional Palestinian embroidery. While each piece incorporates traditional motifs, it is also designed to apply the embroidery in new ways, such as leather flats for women. Each pair of shoes takes on average 6-10 hours to embroider, depending on the skill level of the embroidery artist.

Darzah’s Red Baklawa flats. Photo by Third Eye Chic Studio

As part of the ethical fashion movement, each Darzah product is fair trade certified and handmade by refugee women artists in the West Bank.

Rahaf, Darzah’s lead tatreez artist, embroidering a pair of Red Baklawa flats

All of the materials are sourced locally in the West Bank, including the leather sourced from a family-run manufacturer in Al-Khalil (Hebron).  Each Darzah bag, scarf, pair of shoes, or piece of jewelry is a work of art as well as a conversation piece. When you shop Darzah.org, you are supporting training and employment programs for refugee and low-income women artists in the northern West Bank. Shop the collection online or get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Photos by Darzah.org of Childs Cup Full.

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