Destiny on how teaching pottery instills confidence in her students’ artistic pursuits:

“When I get to see the fire or sparkle in a person’s eyes – that’s when I know they have found the confidence,”

Meet Destiny, LA native, mixed media artist, designer and founder of Hand of Destiny. Her childhood pottery interest continued to grow and after many years of developing her own practice while teaching ceramic arts, she realized it was time to share her knowledge on her own terms in her own place. She opened Hand of Destiny as a platform where she could connect, share, and teach ceramics and mixed media arts.

The Verlocal community is delighted to introduce Destiny’s pottery class. In fact, her aim is to connect people with their inner artist. She enjoys hosting special events and open studio at “Hand of Destiny”. We caught up with Destiny this week to ask her about her class and how she enjoys contributing to Los Angeles’ art community.

Q: Introduce yourself and tell us about the events that you offer through Verlocal.

A: My name is Destiny Joy and I am an LA native. I offer Clay classes in traditional wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques. Most people are familiar with the terms pottery or ceramic arts. In each session, my students start out with moist soft clay, so right away, your hands are engaged and your sensory self is awakened!

Q: How did your passion start for Artistic Expressions & Pottery?

A: Clay is a very tactile experience. I have been practicing creative expression ever since I can remember. That first blue scribble is somehow still etched in my mind! Pottery started at a young age as well, although I did not know it was pottery at the time. I have a fond memory of sitting in the yard and mixing dirt with water to make dishes for my dolls. Those tiny little pinch pots were delicate and on the verge of crumbling.

I have been told by my mother that I was always muddy as a child.

My interest then continued to grow in high school. At the time, I went to Fairfax H.S. here in Los Angeles on Melrose avenue. It was an arts based school with a small ceramics lab. It had a few wheels, a kiln, and a hand building table. As I moved on from high school, I sought it out in collage. Overall, I really feel my passion for the arts & creative expression started naturally. The adults around me took notice & encouraged me to continue, and it is my aim to pass on this same type of encouragement in each experience I host in my studio!

Q: What makes your classes unique?

A: It is my need to share the processes and not necessarily the end product that makes the time in my studio unique. I introduce the session with a quick demo of the stages and transitions we will take the clay through with our hands. I then lead the participants through the entirety of the session. After the clay session/class is over, I encourage guests to stay and play with the clay. I believe in the processes of play for all ages, and choosing to open as a semi-private studio enables me to allow for as much play time as I want!

Q: Could you describe the community around you?

A: Living in the K-town area of Los Angeles is awesome. There has been influx of younger self-realized creative people moving into the area. It is nice to know that my studio has become a place to relax and have fun! There are so many great things to do in LA. If you are looking for something to eat before a class here at the studio, I would recommend the Koreatown Galleria with their many eateries or Noshi Sushi which is actually 1 block away from the studio.

Q: What led you to host an event with Verlocal?

A: I remember being a little reluctant when Verlocal first reached out to me. I was not familiar with the platform and had tried a few similar ones that I was not happy with. Once I talked to a team member, my interest was peaked. Ian was so helpful walking me through setup and contacting me by phone when I had questions. Verlocal’s platform is a major factor in the exposure I have received as a start up in my first year.

Q: Tell us about your favorite moment teaching your class (holding your event) with Verlocal.

A: I am having such a great time welcoming people into the studio to share the wonders of clay. One of my favorite moments in the studio was when two college bound young ladies booked the class as a going away present for their moms. I received emails a few weeks later from the mothers of those two young ladies. The mothers thanked me for creating a place where they could spend quality time with their girls before they left for New York. That was an awesome realization!

Q: Why do you enjoy sharing your passions with others so much?

A: I enjoy sharing my passion for clay with others because the experience can serve as a gateway to other creative movements for them. It is a great moment to be in when other people realize that the creative spark is still within them.

Q: What do you see in your students as they take their first classes?

A: When the class starts, most people are not too sure they will make anything or they are convinced it will be unsightly when they are done. There is always a moment during a session when, I as the instructor, am observing a guest to see if there are any tips I can lend. That is a special time, because I can see the face and eyes of people and that’s when I get to see the fire or sparkle in a person’s eyes. That’s when I know they have found the confidence in the moment, and I always hope it stays with them as a moment they can reference for future adventures in art.

Q: If you had unlimited materials/time, what would you create?

A: If I had unlimited time/materials and resources for an adventure of sorts, I would put my intern and spouse in charge of my studio and travel to meet a few chefs I admire. I have a curiosity about creating tableware for the dinner services of Chef Magnus, Chef Jamie Oliver and LA’s own Chef Niki Nakayama!

Q: Any comments would you like to tell to Verlocal’s audience and possible students?

A: I look forward to this new year of welcoming new customers and returning guests. My experiences with others in the studio bring adventure and newness to my life and the life of the studio.  I look forward to sharing clay and mixed media art workshops and classes with you in 2016! See you in the studio!

Destiny hosts classes just about every week, visit her host page to see all the classes available HERE.

Also, if you are looking to start creating pottery with no experience look into her Beginning Pottery Class.

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