“I teach a lot of classes, and I have 45 oils in my kit…And given that there are just 45 oils, every student in my class will still make something astonishingly different”

For many women, perfume is something so sacred that they will never share the fragrance that they are using with others, not even if you’re the BFF. It is something so personal and serves as a form of identity – some women literally feel naked without putting on perfume when they head outdoors.

Meet Julianne Zaleta, Professional Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Master Perfumer of Alchemologie Natural Perfume. Julianne and nature are literally inseparable – Growing up, Julianne had spent her time foraging and drinking in the scent of the natural fragrance of flowers. Even though she majored in political science, it was her never-ending love for aromatherapy that saw her jumping careers from a floral designer to a massage therapist, and ultimately starting her own business as a natural perfumer in Brooklyn, NY.

Julianne had previously trained with renowned American Perfumer Mandy Aftel, international aromatic consultant Michael Scholes and Jeanne Rose, and is now teaching the art of making perfume in her classes, offering handcrafted artisan perfumes and providing perfume consultations to the community!

What’s even more special about the perfumes that Julianne creates is rooted in her firm belief – only natural ingredients (or botanical) ingredients are used to create bottles of all-natural, aromatic potions that boast healing properties for a variety of ailments.

Learn more about the artisanal art of natural perfumery with Julianne in her classes or get started on creating your own bespoke perfume with a personal consultation now!


Photo & Video Credits: Julianne

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