“Drawing is the cornerstone of all art, so it’s really important to get there first.”

A picture tells a thousand words – and what’s even more special is a picture that you create yourself! Even after she has been teaching art for more than 40 years, Susan‘s love for art has never stopped.

Beginning as the only retail calligraphy studio in San Diego since 1975 and started by Owner & Artist, Susan – Ladybug Art Center is now an art gallery featuring artworks of international award winning artists, teaching facility, and a place where like-minded artists of all levels to have a first-hand experience of art!


Susan is acclaimed to be a respected calligraphist in the city with her wealth of experience and has provided services calligraphy services to the Queen of England, University of San Diego, sports teams, corporations and private individuals since 1974. With numerous awards under her belt and her wealth of experience, Susan has inspired hundreds of students with art. Experience San Diego’s art scene with Susan in her classes today!

Want to get started on creating your art masterpiece? Check out some of the classes that Susan offers here:

Beginner Calligraphy – the Art of Beautiful Hand Writing

Beginner Drawing – The Cornerstone of all Art

Beginner Watercolor – The Gateway to Creation

Calligraphy Study Group

Watercolor Study Group

Drawing Study Group

Plein Air Study Group

Adult Art Study Group

Teen Art Study Group


Photo & Video Credits: LadyBug Art Center

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