Can you believe that it’s already nearing the end of the year? 2016 has been an exceptionally exciting year for Verlocal, and we couldn’t have made it without our amazing Verlocal Hosts and Verlocal Community! With just a few hours left till we welcome the New Year, let’s take some time to look back on some of our favorite, inspirational quotes shared by our Verlocal Hosts.

I’ve wanted to be an artist since the very beginning of my memories. I find and revisit my passion in arts whenever I come across an obstacle. I do get frustrated following my passion in arts & crafts sometimes, but I never give up.
JungHwa, Illustrator and Craftsperson

Don’t be afraid to learn, to encounter challenges, to work hard, and to make mistakes along the way. Be patient, flexible, and consistent. Momentum is key and a positive attitude is critical. Hold onto your dream and push every day to make it a reality. Seek support from people you can trust and want to see you successful. Don’t give up!                                  Chef Teena, Personal Chef and Instructor

I have enough jewelry — No One                                                                          Christy Sears, Senior Instructor and Founder of August Axel Jewelry Studio

Teaching leathercraft classes out of my studio allow me to share my love of the craft, my knowledge of the process and history, and my original techniques for adding pattern and color, with interested students.                                                                                       – Caitlin, Leathercraft Artist and Founder of Moxie & Oliver

As an avid journaler, I have always had an affinity for pen and paper, and my love of typography grew as time went on. A few years ago in the dead of winter, I was feeling listless, looking for something to sink my teeth into and I rediscovered calligraphy with a modern twist! I studied with a renowned calligrapher and hand letterer, which really set me on this trajectory.- Sarah Ward, Calligrapher

Knitting is just as much about community as it is about making things. The reason we keep coming back to it is because we want to get together with our friends, build community, and create together. I’m so happy to be able to bring people together with these classes!    Dylan Usher, Designer

I think the key to making art is making art. I have always done art and craft. Side by side, my whole life. Art is slow and fast, and it is super crafty and perfect. You have to put your heart in the thing, and then let it go.                                                                               – Jessica Williams, Artist and Founder of BrushStroks

Starting a career, whether or not it’s new to you, can be really difficult. You’ll always run into hurdles and people telling you would be better off doing something else. But don’t give up. You will have to work hard, especially at first, but always keep that goal in sight. When you reach it, it’ll be worth it.
John, Instructor and Founder of SF Honey & Pollen Co.

My students are my inspiration. More than anything else, I care about helping them achieve their goals and delight their souls. My personal mantra is from American novelist and science fiction writer, Robert Anson Heinlein: “When one teaches, two learn.”                     – Linda Wehrli, Instructor and Founder of Pastimes for a Lifetime Inc. Art and Piano School

If you keep do [what you love] free of doubt or hesitation, there is no telling what will happen. Your book will open up and a story will be written.                                              Quinn, Instructor and Founder of Eat Sleep Surf

There is always a moment during a session when, I as the instructor, am observing a guest to see if there are any tips I can lend. That is a special time, because I can see the face and eyes of people and that’s when I get to see the fire or sparkle in a person’s eyes. That’s when I know they have found the confidence in the moment, and I always hope it stays with them as a moment they can reference for future adventures in art.
Destiny, Mixed Media Artist & Designer, Founder of Hand Of Destiny

I lost my position in a non-profit, struggling to figure out how to take care of my grandparents who raised me. I looked into myself and took the leap and started Learn More, Live More – an intergenerational learning center.
Charlotte, Founder of Learn More, Live More

To create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry is a rewarding experience. To wear that unique piece you created yourself gives self-fulfillment. To allow my students for such experience, I teach carefully step-by-step with student-oriented instruction.                                         – Ayaka Nishi, Jewelry designer and Founder of Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Design School

I want to empower others to cook and eat healthy, flavorful food. When students leave my classes, I want them to feel confident and inspired to create these dishes—and variations of them—on their own.
Chef Traci, Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor

I’m motivated by the joy and camaraderie that beer provides. Pubs have always been a meeting place for people, and brewing your own beer brings that community even closer. When someone makes an awesome beer, they want to share it with the world. It is with a huge sense of pride that I am a part of that experience.
John Lapolla, Co-Founder of Bitter & Esters


The positive mindsets that each of our Verlocal Hosts has in pursuing a career that they are passionate about are with no doubt, inspiring and motivating for us. A big “Thank You” to each and every Verlocal Hosts for your dedications and the continuous support from Verlocalites. Here’s wishing that you enjoy the rest of 2016 and an awesome New Year ahead!

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