If there’s any mantra to live by for beauty products, it’s these two words: affordable essentials! Getting the basics right is so important.

As much as season fashion goes, beauty products can also enjoy a season refresh. Here are my top ten affordable beauty products, personally tested and basically essentials of my beauty set-up:

  1. All- Style Blow Dry Styling Gel by Bumble & Bumble
    Available at Sephora, $15-$31
This has been and still is my number one. Not many brands make products for oily hair. If you blow dry your hair often this is the product for you. Applying a dime size to damp hair, this gel absorbs oils, fights frizz, protects against heat damage and extends the life of your blow dry. The gel works well with the weather that Fall brings!
  1. Liquid Lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Available at Sephora, $20
Although relatively new, liquid lipsticks can be found at every makeup store in the country. Which is the best? Any one by ABH. I have tried many different brands but ABH’s are hands down my favorite! They apply like butter and lasts for hours. They are available in many shades (my favorites are the matte ones!) Can’t find the perfect shade? Make it! These are super easy to mix. Last Halloween, I used a red liquid lipstick by ABH for my costume and applied some glitter on top; everyone loved my long lasting look! 


  1. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper by Dior
    Available at Sephora $33
If you have issues finding the perfect lip gloss/lip stick shade then this product is for you. The mint- vanilla formula brings out your natural lip color and adds volume to your lips. I love it and it tastes like heaven! 



  1. Better Than Sex by Too Faced
    Available at Sephora $23
When it comes to mascara, I like what I like and this has been my favorite for years. “Better Than Sex” is one of the few lasting mascaras that both lengthen and adds volume to your lashes. The easy to apply and remove formula makes it a clear winner. One of the many great things about this mascara is that it can be very dramatic or not at all, depending on how many coats you apply. 


  1. Super Nourishing Lip Balm by Sephora
    Available at Sephora $5
Every season calls for a new lip balm and I have been getting the same one for the last three seasons. I cannot leave my house without this product under any circumstances. This balm leaves your lips smelling amazing and super soft. Don’t be too tough on them though, they break easily! 


  1. Hand creams by L’OCCITANE
    Available at Sephora $12-$28
If you have not noticed yet, I am really into scents. If you are too, these strong scented lotions are for you! My personal favorites are the lavender and rose creams. The lotion itself is super creamy which makes it easy to apply! L’OCCITANE’s creams can be used everywhere because they are available in so many convenient sizes. 


  1. Real Techniques by Sam & Nic
    Available at Ulta $6-$30
I have had a really hard time finding brushes that not only last but also apply my makeup evenly and smoothly. Finding these brushes changed the makeup game for me! They are so easy to hold, not too pricey, easy to clean and amazing quality. I’ve heard great things about all their products but I only own the Core Collection, it’s all I need! The collection came with four brushes: a contour, a detailer, a buffing and a pointed foundation brush.


  1. Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Available at Sephora $40
Contouring has become so popular lately. It’s a tricky thing to master, but the ABH contour kits make the job easier. (If you’re wondering, I learned how to contour on YouTube!) The palettes are available in powder or cream sets; I find powder easier to work with. The kits are available in either light to medium or medium to dark. Each set has six highlighting and contouring powders or creams. 


  1. Shampoo and Conditioner by OGX
    Available at Major Drugstores $7
I’ve been through a lot of different shampoos and conditioner throughout my life and I think it’s safe to say these are my favorite. They have shampoos for all hair types and they all smell amazing. For dry hair, I definitely recommend the coconut water shampoo and conditioner. These lightweight hair products hydrate, reduce frizz and add volume. THEY ARE AMAZING!! 


  1. Always Sharp by Smashbox
    Available at Sephora $20
I am so excited about this eyeliner. It’s unique because when you twist the pencil closed, it sharpens! Every time you pull out this eyeliner it’s freshly sharpened, making it easy to apply (it glides on perfectly!) I have this liner in black and glittery blue but many other colors are available (beware of glitter.) I recommend staying away from the waterproof eyeliners unless they are necessary because they are super hard to get off! 


Have you used these products before? Or, am I missing anything of the list? Feel free to share your comments below!


Editor’s Picks of Handmade Beauty Products Below $30 by Verlocal Hosts:

Lovely’s Bentonite Clay Mask – $22
Malibu Skin Rx – $28
Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm – $25
Formula N°7 Cucumber Spritz for Face & Body – $22
Formula N°10 Healing Cuticle Oil – $25





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