Introducing Verlocal Calendar
We’ve made it easier than ever to manage guest bookings with a simple, easy to use and powerful calendar tool that is fully integrated and synced with your Verlocal account.  You can now embed your Verlocal Calendar directly on your website and take bookings right away – all within 5 minutes!

Why should you use Verlocal Calendar?
Verlocal Calendar provides all the tools you’ll need to easily manage all event listings.

  1. Have total control and organization of your events
    Easily manage your event’s availability, booking dates, and times directly on your own website.  Change a date or availability?  Automatically see changes updated everywhere including Verlocal Marketplace.
  2. Reach an endless potential of guests
    Whether the user is a Verlocal user or not, they are able to purchase and sign up for your event directly through Calendar.
  3. Improve your guest’s and your own booking experience
    Get an intuitive Calendar that users can easily browse and purchase events from – and where you can quickly update event details.
  4. Hassle-free 5 minute integration
    Get started right away with a link and have a beautiful Verlocal Calendar directly integrated to your website.

Ready to get Verlocal Calendar on your website or blog?
Get Started: How To Embed a Verlocal Calendar on your Website
How to manage listings on your new Verlocal Calendar directly on your website

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